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MGCP VGW Configuration in CUCM

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! Let's ensure the proper host and domain names are set
Router(config)#hostname VoiceGateway
VoiceGateway(config)#ip domain-name
! Enable MGCP
! Specify the IP Address of our Primary Subscriber
VoiceGateway(config)#mgcp call-agent
VoiceGateway(config)#ccm-manager mgcp
! Specify the IP Addresses of our backup CUCM Servers (Secondary Subscriber, Publisher)
VoiceGateway(config)#ccm-manager redundant-host
! Specify the TFTP Servers (used by CUCM to deploy XML Config files - most important!)
VoiceGateway(config)#ccm-manager config server
! Enable the XML Config Service
VoiceGateway(config)#ccm-manager config
! That's it!
So now your Gateway is configured and will be polling the TFTP Servers for an XML configuration file. This file is generated once the Gateway is added in CUCM, is refreshed each time a change is made, and is pushed to the Gateway via TFTP whenever the config is applied or the Gateway is reset. To check the status of the config download, run the 'sh ccm-manager' command from the Gateway:
VoiceGateway>sh ccm-manager
MGCP Domain Name:
Priority        Status                   Host
Primary         Registered     
First Backup    Backup Ready   
Second Backup   Backup Ready   

Current active Call Manager:
Backhaul/Redundant link port:   2428
Failover Interval:              30 seconds
Keepalive Interval:             15 seconds
Last keepalive sent:            05:48:52 UTC Sep 20 2010 (elapsed time: 00:00:13)
Last MGCP traffic time:         05:48:52 UTC Sep 20 2010 (elapsed time: 00:00:13)
Last failover time:             11:50:58 UTC Sep 2 2010 from (
Last switchback time:           12:13:50 UTC Sep 2 2010 from (
Switchback mode:                Graceful
MGCP Fallback mode:             Enabled/OFF
Last MGCP Fallback start time:  10:10:28 UTC Sep 2 2010
Last MGCP Fallback end time:    11:51:15 UTC Sep 2 2010
MGCP Download Tones:            Disabled
TFTP retry count to shut Ports: 2

Backhaul Link info:
    Link Protocol:      TCP
    Remote Port Number: 2428
    Remote IP Address:
    Current Link State: OPEN
        Packets recvd:   7382
        Recv failures:   0
        Packets xmitted: 6512
        Xmit failures:   0
    PRI Ports being backhauled:
        Slot 0, VIC 1, port 0
Configuration Auto-Download Information
Current version-id: 1284616589-a3cd44fe-86bb-486f-a62e-a78bf2a71840
Last config-downloaded:00:00:00
Current state: Waiting for commands
Configuration Download statistics:
        Download Attempted             : 11
          Download Successful          : 11
          Download Failed              : 0
          TFTP Download Failed         : 0
        Configuration Attempted        : 6
          Configuration Successful     : 1
          Configuration Failed(Parsing): 0
          Configuration Failed(config) : 5
Last config download command: New Registration
FAX mode: cisco
Configuration Error History:
ccm-manager music-on-hold
Take note of the error count shown above. This Gateway had been configured beforehand, and started generating errors when attempting to download the XML Config. It turned out that the router already had the 'ccm-manager music-on-hold' statement applied, and so running a 'no ccm-manager music-on-hold' command was all it needed to complete a successful download.
Finally, another tip most people forget is that the MGCP Domain Name must match the Gateway Domain Name as configured in CUCM - if it's not the same, the Gateway won't register. Just a little thing to keep in the back of your mind as you're configuring your Gateways... good luck! :-)

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