Saturday, July 18, 2009 pays to socialize.

I was recently invited to try out this site by an online friend and I decided to sign-up and take a peek at what the site offers. I'm not really into social network stuff but if you are or just was to also look around and "test" it then check the site out.

If you are into social networking (myspace, Twitter, etc) and you haven’t checked out Yuwie, you may want to. Yuwie is pretty much like myspace, but the difference is that you get paid to use it. Although not the most amazingly profitable site, it’s still free money (with the global recession and all).

Since Yuwie opened in 2007, they have recently made a lot of changes in effort to be more like myspace. You can now “own friends” and participate in other various activities “myspace-style”.

Payments are made by Pay Pal. The site is pretty easy to use and worth the free registration. check out Yuwie here.

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