Sunday, July 12, 2009

System Security Notes

/var/adm/sulog - houses SU attempts
SU TIMESTAMP +||- TTY Switched_User_From_To
SU 06/17 11:13 + pts/4 root-unixcbt

/var/adm/loginlog - Does NOT exist by default
NOte: houses failed logins after threshold(Default of 5)
touch /var/adm/loginlog

logins command
logins -x -l unixcbt - returns info. from /etc/{passwd,shadow}
logins -p - lists users without passwords

###Password Generation Encryption Algorithm###
Note: Default in Solaris 10 is UNIX, legacy encryption - The weakest
/etc/security/policy.conf - man policy.conf(4)
Note: password encryption changes take effect at user's next password change

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