Friday, July 10, 2009

Quotas implementation and management

Soft Limits - function as stage-1 or warning stage
- if user exceeds soft limit, timer is invoked (default 7-days)
i.e. 100MB - if user exceeds beyond timer, soft limit becomes hard limit

Hard Limits - functions as a storage ceiling - CANNOT be exceeded
- if user meets hard limit, system will not allocate additional storage

File-system perspective of quotas:
2 objects are monitored:

FILE(test.txt) -> 1-INODE -> 1-or-more Data BLOCKS(default 1K)

Quota Tools:
1. edquota - facilitates the creation of quotas for users
2. quotacheck - checks for consistency in usage and quota policy
3. quotaon - enables quotas on file system
4. repquota - displays quota information

###Steps to enable quota support###
1. modify /etc/vfstab - enable quotas per file system
"Mount Options" column - 'rq'
2. create empty 'quotas' file in root of desired file system
touch /export/home/quotas && chmod 600 /export/home/quotas
3. edquota unixcbt
edquota -p unixcbt unixcbt2 unixcbt3 unixcbt4 - copies unixcbt's quota policy to users unixcbt2,3,4
4. quotacheck -va
5. quota -v unixcbt
6. quotaon -v /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s7 -enable quota support

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