Thursday, July 2, 2009

Netstat Notes

Lists connections for ALL protocols & address families to and from machine
Address Families (AF) include:
INET - ipv4
INET6 - ipv6
UNIX - Unix Domain Sockets(Solaris/FreeBSD/Linux/etc.)

Protocols Supported in INET/INET6 include:
TCP, IP, ICMP(PING(echo/echo-reply)), IGMP, RAWIP, UDP(DHCP,TFTP,etc.)

Lists routing table
Lists DHCP status for various interfaces
Lists net-to-media table - network to MAC(network card) table

###NETSTAT Usage###
netstat - returns sockets by protocol using /etc/services for lookup
/etc/nssswitch.conf is consulted by netstat to resolve names for IPs

netstat -a - returns ALL protocols for ALL address families (TCP/UDP/UNIX)

netstat -an - -n option disables name resolution of hosts & ports

netstat -i - returns the state of interfaces. pay attention to errors/collisions/queue columns when troubleshooting performance

netstat -m - returns streams(TCP) statistics

netstat -p - returns net-to-media info (MAC/layer-2 info.) i.e. arp

netstat -P protocol (ip|ipv6|icmp|icmpv6|tcp|udp|rawip|raw|igmp) - returns active sockets for selected protocol

netstat -r - returns routing table

netstat -D - returns DHCP configuration (lease duration/renewal/etc.)

netstat -an -f address_family
netstat -an -f inet|inet6|unix
netstat -an -f inet - returns ipv4 only information

netstat -n -f inet
netstat -anf inet -P tcp
netstat -anf inet -P udp

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