Sunday, June 14, 2009

Custom Firmware 5.50GEN-a Released + Build 4 for Slim Users

In my llast post PSP-3000 CFW Gen-A I've mentioned the release of the CFW for PSP3000 now the same team have released their custom firmware 5.50GEN-a, the only custom firmware compatible with the latest and greatest PSP firmware 5.50. This custom firmware works both on PSP phats and PSP slims with with TA-088 v1 and v2 motherboards.

Plus they have already released build 4 to fix a bug that alot of PSP slim users have been affected by to do with PSN network bug.

Here is a list of all the new features included in this brilliant firmware:

* Support for functions of official Firmware 5.50
* Functions standby reset and Pandora have been removed
* The plug-in Bubbletune to classify games according to category was deleted
* Patch Slim Colors Bubbletunes was deleted
* The pops is functional (emulation of PS1 games to work)
* The custom firmware 5.50GEN-A supports the launch of ISO and of PS1 games
* Popsloader and all plugins are normally incurred.
* The option “hide your MAC address is always available in the recovery

Along with this, the developers of this have said that they shall release a popsloader and POPSPLOADER, CXMB, 1.50 Addon, PSARdumper all for this new firmware very soon. Plus they say they are working on a 5.51GEN-a custom firmware to keep up with the times.

There are two downloads. The first one includes the Build 4 fix so if you haven’t already got the 5.50GEN-a on your PSP, download that. If you already have the firmware but are experiencing the bug, download the second file which will update you to build 4.

To install simply place the folder inside the PSP/Game/ folder in the zip file onto your PSP in the PSP/Game/ folder.


* 5.50GEN-a Custom Firmware
* 5.50GEN-a Build 4 Updater

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