Friday, June 12, 2009


Was busy looking around for gaming accessories last week for my portable and overheard someone asking on how much it will cost for his PSP-3000 to be installed a custom firmware.

I was suprised to know that a CFW is now available for the PSP-3000. Apparently it was just released last June 6,2009. No, it’s not the next M33 CFW — it’s Custom Firmware 5.03GEN-A for Team Typhoon’s ChickHEN.

It offers all the benefits of 5.02GEN-A, plus the following –

* PSP-3000 and PSP-2000 v3 Support
* PSOne Game Support
* ISO/UMD Backup Support
* Recovery in VSH available (some bugs remain - see the README)
* Access to PSN

How to install 5.03GEN-A:

1. Connect your PSP to the computer via USB when you have loaded ChickHEN R2
2. Unzip 5.03GEN-A
3. Double click on “LAUNCH-ME.exe” (GUI)
4. PSP Model: depending on your PSP, choose the option PSP-2000 or PSP-3000
5. Mode: Choose option FULL
6. PSP Install: Choose option YES
7. Push START
8. The files are copied on your PSP
9. Disconnect the PSP from USB
10. Launch the main EBOOT.PBP using ChickHEN R2 (only R2! NOT R1!).
11. When the app loads, press L or R to flash the firmware in your flash. YOU ONLY NEED MAKE IT ONE TIME!
12. Press CIRCLE to reboot in the custom firmware.

ChickHEN R2
Custom Firmware 5.03GEN-A for ChickHEN R2

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mitch said...

hey can i use this if i have firm where 4.08

Rhycel said...

no,you have to upgrade to official firmware 5.03 for this to work