Friday, May 1, 2009

Firefox 3 performance sucks

I have been using firefox as an alternative browser from the start happily up until they released firefox 3.x.x. I don't know about you guys who also use firefox as a browser but here is why I think the new firefox 3 sucks and READ : IT SUCKS BIG TIME at least inmy opinion.

The first time I upgraded to firefox 3 I immediately noticed how long it takes to start-up and after a lot of time using it I got irritated since the browser would usually crash on me. Finally after some days or weeks they released an update to it but still with the same outcome; it HANGS. I can deal with the slow start-up but not with hangs/crashes, I hate seeing the "not responding" at the firefox 3 bar.

And for those thinking it might be my computer. well I'm already using a high-end pc and laptop with 4G of memory so hardware is certainly not an issue.

I'm still looking forward that the firefox team can fix the crashes but for now I think O'll be using Chrome or IE7 instead.

If only Chrome has a seobook toolbar available for it.

Well, just my 2 cents

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