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Rohan Knight Guide

Rohan is now in open beta here in the Philippines and I'll be putting my notes on guides for the game from different sites here for my easy access...

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JM's Rohan Knight Guide

Rohan Knight Guide
Version 1.0




I would first like to thank you for taking the time to read my guide. I hope that this guide to becoming a Knight helps you out on your path to becoming a stronger more powerful player. I wrote this guide soley from personal experience and it may differ from other peoples opinions. This is not the "right" way to make a Knight, it is merely a guide to help you get a better idea of how to make your knight. Good luck, and have fun :]


Ok, so the stats are pretty straight forward for knights. You need strength (STR) vitality (VIT) and a little dexterity (DEX). The point of this build is to get your STR and VIT up as high as possible while having enough DEX to actually be able to hit things. Below is an example of the build.

Level 2: +3STR +1VIT
Level 3: +2STR +1VIT +1DEX
Level 4: +3STR +1VIT
Level 5: +2STR +1VIT +1DEX

Ending Stats

Strength - 153
Vitality - 85
Dexterity - 49
Intellegence - 9
Psychic - 14
Agility - 26

So really you just wanna add 3STR and 1VIT every even level, and on every odd level you add 2STR 1VIT and 1DEX until level 50.


The skills for the knight are pretty easy to follow. While being a knight you will have more buffs than attacks, but that is for a reason. The attack skills that you will get as a guardian are FAR better than the ones available as a knight. Below is my skill build for the knight, it is possible for you to tweak it by a few points here and there, but this build is generally good as is.

Darkness - 5/5

Level 5: Boosts Darkness Elemental Attack Rate by 100%, Defense by 50%. 8% chance of 30% drop in attack speed for 7 seconds.

Rising Might - 7/7

Level 7: 21% boost in your target's Strength. Lasts 30 mins.

Protection - 5/7

Level 5: 15% boost in Armor Defense Rate. Lasts 30mins.

Psychic Crash - 1/7

Level 1: Adds an additional 60% damage to regular attack on your target.

Crash Above - 7/7

Level 7: 35% chance of a 3second Stun when Psychic Crash Skill hits its target. Lasts 90mins.

Sharpen Blade - 5/7

Level 5: 15% boost in the user's One handed weapon (except daggers) damage. Lasts 30 mins.

Invoke - 5/7

Level 5: With a successful Critical Attack, 470% of your Dexterity is added to your attack. PLus a 20% boost in Dexterity. Lasts 30 mins.

Bleeding - 1/7

Level 1: Adds 5 additional atacks every 3 seconds at 80% of regular attack damage.
Assualt Crash - 5/7

Level 5: Adds a 100% boost to Attack Rate. Applicable to your enemy at 100% of last damage, and 90% of damage to surrounding enemies. 7M range.

So here is a quick rundown of what you should end up with by the time you are level 50.

Darkness-5 Rising Might-7 Protection-5 Psychic Crash-1 Crash Above-7
Sharpen Blade-5 Invoke-5 Bleeding-1 Assualt Crash-5

Now what you might not really need is Assualt Crash. But the way I see it is, there are 2 AoE type skills that you can get and this is one of them. The other AoE skill isn't really AoE because it attacks mobs in a straight line. I honestly believe that Assualt Crash is a good skill to have, but it is ultimately up to you.


Generally when it comes to leveling with a knight, warrior, etc. it is pretty self explanatory. I do not have exact locations as to where you should train (Although it would be helpful >>) but I can tell you that you can level effectively by killing monsters about one level above you. Really it is up to you, I wouldn't suggest training on something 3-4 levels ahead unless you have a healer with you.

(I have very few tips and it would be greatly appreciated if you would send a few my way for the sake of the guide :])


I would again like to thank you for reading this guide. I hope that you found it helpful and enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope to hear a lot of feedback from all of you so that I can improve this guide. Thank you and good luck

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