Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rohan Guardian Knight Build

I’m using a dual-wield Guardian Knight with a sword as the main weapon and a dagger in place of the shield. Remember as well that if you want your Guardian Knight to wield 2 weapons, the dagger should be in place of the shield slot.

Anyway, my stat has been distributed to 3 STR: 1 VIT every level.

3 STR: 1 VIT build gives me enough strength to deal damage and the VIT, of course, gives me HP and defense.

Skill Point Distribution

As for the skills, here’s how I distributed them.

5 Frozen

1 Taunt

5 Rising Might

5 Sharpen Blade

1 Invoke

Only to those skills. Yes. I only distributed 17 points out of 50 in the Knight class. I saved the other 33 for the Guardian Skills which are the following. For the Frozen, I chose Frozen since it slows down monsters and other players.

5 Sword Mastery

1 Taunt Roar

5 Rush

5 Crazy Strength

1 Final Crash

5 Crazy Standing

1 Blue Drain

5 Order

5 Heavy Weapon

5 Crit Aura

1 Roha’s Blessing

5 Knight Symbol

5 Stone Skin

These skills gives me superb offensive power and at the same time defense to survive most of the PVE and PVP attacks.

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