Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rohan Elf Healer build

Here's a Rohan Elf healer build...

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credits to tonyboo

Well... as a 25 healer going priest. I've tried many different builds and variations.
The best for me is.
3 MAG / 1 VIT
Oh, and as a healer to priest... no monster should -ever- be able to hit you.
We have a skill that is based off of MAG that does X7 damage.
It's real good...
Pros about leveling as a healer-priest is.
You don't die. Or.. you at least shouldn't. You can kill mobs higher level than you with no problem. You never need to use a mana potion. Caster monsters SUCK. Since you get 6 mag def per level.

Cons about leveling as a healer-priest is.
Your staff hits for crap. Since you have no points in INT your staff does a lot less damage. Leveling is way boring, and it takes longer to kill mobs than it does for healer-templars. It sucks healing the whole party >:(!. Ohhhh and the attack skill you get looks a lot less cooler than the ones healer-templars get. You don't get to use a +Physical defense buff because you're not INT. So you have to rely on good armor

As for templars... they're pretty much battle priests.
Nothing like an "elf mage" at all. It's practically a paladin...... a warrior+healer put together... almost.
They're -real- good in PvP. And a lot of fun.... and they look SO CUTE OMG!

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