Monday, April 6, 2009

Rohan Dhan Assassin Strength build by Guano

Here's a Dhan Assassin Strength build by Guano

guide courtesy of

Hi Guys!

This is the STR build given to me by Shin. It is good for leveling.

3 STR : 1 VIT
Starting from Lvl 25 and every 5 levels after put 4 into DEX until you hit 50 DEX.

(I don't know the names at the moment so just bear with me here... I will edit the post when I'm not trying to run off to work)

Going from the top down:

Row 1: Max all 3 skills
Row 2: Max the Leftmost Skill
Row 3: Max the Rightmost Skill
Row 4: None
Row 5: Max all 3 skills
Row 6: Max the Leftmost Skill

To get from Row 3 to Row 5 it looks like you will have to take the Row 3 middle skill and the Row 4 left most and right most skills. Depending on how useful you find these, you can put more points into it.

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