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Rohan Dekan Build/Guide by Obli

here's a rohan Dekan Build/Guide by Obli

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-----Skill Builds
(Level 7 skills may only last 30 days because it requires a CS item, This has not been confirmed.)

[]Seperated Zhen[]
Least requirements:
1 Darkness
1 Taunt
5 Dragon's Power
1 seperation
1 sepa slash
1 Nail Zhen
5 Health Funnel
Total: 15

The most you should be at.:
5 Darkness
1 taunt
7 Dragon's Power
1 seperation
5 Sepa slash
5 nail zhen
7 Health funnel
7 Forefoot swing

Least Requirements:
1 darkness
1 taunt
5 Dragon's Power
1 into the two non sepa moves
1 hp to mp
1 mp to hp
5 forefoot Swing
Total: 15 points

Highest you should go:
5 darkness
1 taunt
7 Dragon's power
5 into the non sepa moves
5 hp to mp
5 mp to hp
7 forefoot swing
Total: 40

-----Stat Builds
4 vit
Crap attack, excellent def.
1 str :3 vit
Decent attack with good def.
2 str: 2 vit
Good attack with good def for taking on a few monsters at a time
3 str: 1 vit
Awsome attack with a little bit extra def.
4 str
BOOM dead, but the damage back at you is also BOOM dead.

-----Friend's build suggestion:(Miyamato)
Full int till 10
then from there
2 int: 2 str
This way you can use breath VERY effectively and then use that hp drain skill in which will mean you dont need mp to hp just hp to mp and then if you cant kill the mob in those 2 int based attacks, finish the mob off with a couple hits which is where the 2 str comes in handy.
I didn't like this build.
It's mainly for if you want to get to 50 fast but i don't know what you're going to do with breath since it might be crap later.

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