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Rohan Dark Elf Guide

here's a Rohan Dark Elf Guide...

Dark Elf Build/Summary/Guide by Cecilia

So, this is something of what I've gathered from snooping around. Please correct me if you find any mistakes, etc. no one's perfect, you get the drift :3

Anyway, as a Dark Elf, we'll all start off being a Mage.

Firstly, there are three main stats we Dark Elves will need to keep track of (now with additional info about the Stats and Equips, courtesy of Kirisu, many thanks):

1) Intelligence (INT): In Rohan, increasing Intelligence means increasing the attack power of your magical spells. INT also increases some carrying weight. Up INT=up ATTACK POWER!

Kirisu adds that every unit of INT you increase results in:

* +3 magic attack.
* +1 magic defense.
* +1~2 weight capacity.

2) Wisdom (WIS): Increasing Wisdom means that the amount of MP (i.e. the bar that goes down whenever you cast spells) you have is increased. Adding WIS will decrease your carrying weight. Up WIS=up MP!

Kirisu adds here that every unit of WIS you increase results in:

* +2 magic defense.
* -3 weight capacity.
* +10 MP.
* +1 MP recovery.
* Bonus to elemental resistances

3) Vitality (VIT): Usually an important factor of any build, adding to this stat will increase the amount of HP (i.e. the bar that is likely to disappear faster than a chocolate bar whenever you get mobbed by a bunch of aggros) you have. VIT also increases defense and some carrying weight. Up VIT=up HP!

Kirisu adds again that every unit of VIT you increase results in:

* +2 physical defense.
* +2~3 weight capacity.
* +20 HP.
* +1 HP recovery.

Mage Equipment: Note that spells (including wand/staff auto-attacks) can't miss, but they can Critical Attack... however, this means that Dark Elves don't need to increase Dexterity (hit rate).

The best thing for us Dark Elves to do is to "start with the end in mind", i.e. decide whether you want to be a Wizard or a Warlock and work towards those builds from the beginning (although you may want to tentatively try a hybrid build of WIS/INT/VIT as a Mage, because what's the point of attacking if you have no power? Likewise, what's the point of attacking if you can only attack once before running out of MP? And then, what's the point of attacking if you get one hit KO'd?). If you're interested, as a mage I'll be trying out the 3 INT 1 VIT and 1 WIS (instead of INT) every alternate level build... that is, until I get to level 35-ish when I plan to switch to 3WIS 1VIT... this is because I'm aiming to be a Wizard other than a Warlock. Warlocks have it easy and don't need to pump WIS, just INT and VIT all the way! Otherwise I'm sure there will be some kind of expensive restat-ing device (most likely to be sold in cash shop or bought off other players) you can use if you want to start off with full attack power (INT) and switch to being a Wizard at lvl50. More on that later. Now, back to decision making... also, remember to work out whether you'll mainly be a Solo player or a Party player.

Players focusing on Soloing should add more VIT as this stat adds Defense and HP, which means you get to survive longer out on your own- whoopeee! Party players, on the other hand, don't need as much VIT because when you're in a decent party there is usually someone to tank for you while you focus on honing your spell spamming skills... indeed, some people may even opt for the ultimate glass cannon build, where they don't add any points to the VIT stat at all, rather, spamming INT (it is fairly impossible to go full WIS build because WIS decreases your carrying capacity... that's goodbye storage if you want to try it...) XD This might not be too bad, because of the Dark Elf Mage ability to suck away opponents' HP/MP and add to their own... however, the skill takes time to cast (and cooldown) so opponents may not be affected fast enough to cover your ass lol. I'll take the liberty here to mention that casting time is the time it takes for the spell to take effect (including time used for animation etc.) and cooldown time is the time lapsed before you can use the same spell again.

Kiting may also become an important skill to learn if you decide to start with minimal VIT. For those of you who don't know, kiting is basically a hit and run method. Hit monster, run a few steps and try to gain just enough distance for you to be able to hit the monster again before it gets the chance to attack you... and then run away from it again, attack, run away... and so the cycle goes on. Perfecting this will take practice and you may die a couple of times trying. Okay, I lie. You may die many times while trying.

Back to the topic at hand- that being Mages. If memory serves me correctly, Dark Elf Mages will get two attack spells- a basic one you start off with and another one further along the line which is based on your INT level. Also, as a mage you will get two AOE's (Area of Effect spells- spells which affect all monsters/players within a certain area). One of these is based on the amount of INT you have, and the other is based on WIS level. Usually, you'll be using one heaps more than the other, lol. The neat thing about being a mage is that you also get a spell which allows you to teleport yourself and/or party members instantly by using a portal stone.

Once you reach lvl50, Dark Elf Mages will have a choice:

1) Wizard (can be either male or female):

Wizards are a better choice for people who intend to focus on PvE, rather than PvP as they have better AoE skills than Warlocks as well as some buffs/de-buffs. Wizards generally level faster than Warlocks due to AoE mass monster kill (and most importantly, AoE monster kill SPAM). Dark Elf Wizards will get a total of four AoE spells, one of which puts your opponents to sleep and one which is an attack spell based on the amount of WIS you possess. Strike Bash is another Wizard AoE spell which damages and stuns its targets depending on the amount of WIS you have. The last AoE for potential Wizards is called Magical Piercing. This WIS dependent spell damages your target and up to 8 enemies behind it. However, the potential for AoE is greatly increased by another buff you will get, which basically turns any normal attacks into AoE attacks.

Another neat thing I noticed is that Wizards also get a Revive buff which can be used on others (this was surprising because I thought Revive would only be limited to the Healers, but obviously not the case here). The de-buffing skill Wizards get will randomly remove buffs from opponents in a selected area.

In a nutshell, Wizards tend to stick to buffing and AoE. Mobs, here we come!

The recommended build for a Wizard is 3WIS, 1VIT... aiming to obtain at least 50INT as well (once you're max level... ahem, that is, lvl100). The main priority is on getting your WIS up first though, because- in case you haven't noticed, most of the Wizard's damage arsenal of spells/skills/buffs depend on the amount of WIS you have.

2) Warlock ( can be either male or female):

Warlocks, on the other hand, are usually chosen by people who have a thirst for PvP, because as a Warlock you get a bunch of de-buffs which would be especially useful when facing other players... especially when up against Dhans (score one for anti-concealment skill) or Dekans. An example of this would be the attack spell you will eventually get which removes the effect of your target's equipped equipment as well as doing damage over time. You will also get a skill which will prevent your targets from using de-buffs, meaning that if they're rooted, they will stay that way for the entire duration of the spell. Also, a neat thing I noticed about Warlocks is they have a skill which allows them to reset their job skills, but apparently this applies to Wizards as well.

On a side note, Warlocks also get four AoE spells, one prevents the usage of potions by other players, one is an attack over time which depends on the amount of INT you possess. Rise Root is another AoE spell which is dependent on INT... this one roots and damages its targets at the same time. The last of the AoE's for our budding Warlocks is called Magic Push. It's a spell which damages and pushes back its targets. This spell depends on your Magic Attack.

In a nutshell, Warlocks tend to stick to de-buffing/buffing and using attack spells. PvP heaven, anyone?

The recommended build for a Warlock is 3INT, 1VIT... aiming to get at least 50WIS as well. The priority here is on getting your INT up first, because the skills/spells/buffs/de-buffs Warlocks possess have damage amounts based on INT level.

Kirisu adds some useful general comments here:

- Wizards are also good at group PvP (Township Battles, especially).
- Both Warlocks and Wizards get the "Erase ability" skill, which allows them to reset their skills (including skill stone upgrades).

In the end, Warlocks do more damage but due to their low Mana Pool (MP) limiting their ability to spam skills forever, they are better at 1vs1 combat (both PvE and PvP) compared to mobbing.

Wizards, on the other hand, do less damage but get a huge Mana Pool (MP) which allows them to spam skills for longer periods of time, and thus they are more suitable for long encounters, group PvE and group PvP.

End note: The above is what I've learned (based on mmo's I've played before)/deduced from looking around sites with info on Rohan/gathered from other more knowledgable players (e.g. Kirisu) etc. and may not all apply in the actual eagerly awaited Closed (and eventually Open) Beta Version of Rohan. If you find mistakes or have something to add please feel free to reply and I will edit this post.

I hope this (sort of) guide will be of some use to people considering the path of the Dark Elf. Come to the Dark side, we have cookies ;3

Thank you for reading. Good luck and good gaming to all in the future!

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