Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oracle buys Sun

After some time of speculation of IBM buying out Sun, which failed to produce a result, today Oracle have swept in and bought Sun Microsystems.

Oracle Corporation suprise the industry when it struck a deal to buy Sun Microsystems for a whooping $7.38 billion and thus brushing aside IBM. This is the latest sign of how recession is taking it's toll on weaker player and leaving them open to be exploted, I guess.

Sun, whose server computers have long been sold along with Oracle's database software, was widely believed to need a bigger partner to compete with giants such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc. Sun has suffered from erratic profitability and revenue problems since a boom phase ended with the collapse of the dot-com bubble.

And taking from Don Clark's article:

Oracle has emerged as one of the most powerful players on the tech landscape, buying rivals to assemble a long list of programs used by companies.

The deal gives Oracle control over important Sun software -- notably the popular programming technology called Java, which is used to build software for Web sites and cellphones. Oracle Chief Executive Larry Ellison described Java as "the single most important software asset we have ever acquired."

Some analysts said they were stunned by Mr. Ellison's move, predicting that Oracle may eventually choose to divest Sun's hardware business. But Safra Catz, one of two Oracle presidents, said Oracle intends to make Sun's hardware operations a profitable business unit.

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