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Jemini's Strength Assassin-Predator Guide

Firstly I'd like to say I've seen quite a few guides on this forum. Some of them I have of agreed with others I've not been so happy with. This guide pretty much sums up 9X levels of experience as a Str based Dhan. Hopefully it'll help some of the unexperienced players and maybe impart some knowledge to you pros.

First I'll start with the stat builds:

Levels 1-51: 3:1 Str:Vit

Levels 51-71 :4:2 Str:Vit

Levels 71-99 6:2 Str:Vit
*Atm I have 2XX vit with General Talisman+Blazing Temple Talisman no almighty.3XX vit with almighty*. I would suggest pumpin Str each level once you are satisfied with your hp.

*Note* Theres not really too many viable variations of the Str Build simply because unlike the Agi build you can't get away with low hp because you won't evade anything except a closed door.

Some Str Dhans suggest going for a weapon with high HP leech. Personally I prefer a weapon with high Melee atk/Dmg Drop. Dmg Drop helps alot more in PvP then HP leech does and also helps in PvE. People aren't going to miss you alot so the less damage you take from them the better off you are.

Swords vs Katars: Swords have better base damage then Katars but high melee attack swords are in high demand since Guardians use them as well. Melee attack katars however are cheaper to find since theres not ton of Str Dhans. This decision is pure preference. Personally I went with Katars from 1-9X and plan on sticking with katars. Katar Mastery makes up imo for the damage Katar Str Dhans lose to Sword Str Dhans.

PvP Tips.
Melee classes:
Silence+Transform+Ruin+Sealing Square This combo stops anything they can do to you either they will run*which Sealing Square will stop them from doing* or they will stay fight and usually die. Transformation ends the danger of them actually dealing damage to you from reg hits. Silence kills thier ability to use skills. Works hand in hand with silence. Ruin Trap lowers Defense to a manageable level for your Psychic Phantom to start really...really hurting them. This works for other Str Dhans...Str Guardians...Str Defenders..Str Scouts and Str Dekans.

Ranged Classes:
Same Combo works with ranged classes other thing I would do different is start with Sprint*if they are a ranger* then Mana Burn* 12 m*. Then start combo in reverse.

Magic Class:
VS Templars.Key:ALWAYS WATCH FOR REFLECT.Atk as soon as you see it drop after they chrono it*10 second or so window I think* Transform them xD and their overpowered Melee becomes useless. If you can catch them unaware with silence and a stun *they will cure silence usually but theres always one dumbass who will forget and try running* Sealing Square+Transform+Ruin Trap*Silence is maybe if they dont cure it*.

Assassin Skills*All skills that say 7 are skills that IF you have the ABILITY to get the lvl 7 YOU SHOULD.
1 - Hide
5 - Invenom *though it doesnt help with PP or Demolition dmg its DoT stacks nice with demolition*
5 - Boost *helps with reg hit crits at 9X my reg hits crit 7XX+ invenom so not bad*
5-7 Phantom Crow
5-7 Mortal Rising*crit dmg boost at lvl 6-7*
5-7 Deadly Blow*20% str boost lvl 7*
5- Parry
5- Pyschic Phantom *Level 7 if you want
5- Mana Burn
5-7 Silence * I maxed this skill early. Some people don't suggest this I did it because personally I'm a rebel lol.
?-?- Confusion

*Note* I didnt bother with Quickness OR Avoid. After you have 50 dex you honestly dont need Quickness only thing its good for is buffing Archers and Dex Guardians. Hehe my Guildmates hate coz of my lvl 1 Quickness lol*

Predator skills
5-7- Katar Mastery
5-7- Ruin Trap
1-Tracking Treasure *I suggest getting this skill as its a pretty good crone/rp maker*
5-7- Heart Trap
5-7- Transformation
5-7- Premium Slash *damn nice for kill bosses*
5- Demolition
5-7- Sealing Square
?-?- Timer Trap * I dont really like this trap as mobs break it as soon as they recieve tick dmg from it. Combined with a Mage aoes and its awesome though.
2 - Royal Mask
?-?- Black Mantle * Nice very...very Nice pvp skill provided there is no D.E around and the people u are fighting are in your parties level range.

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