Friday, April 3, 2009

HOW TO SETUP Acekard2i on Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi is the third release of the Nintendo DS console and was first released in Japan on November 1,2008. It has been currently relased in North America just this April 5,2009.

Acekard has announced lately that their latest acekard product the acekard 2i fully works on the DSi and is fully compatible to AceKard2.

For those of you who want to know how to setup AceKard 2i on Nintendo DSi read on.

Please note that doing so is illegal so proceed on your own risk.

1) Go to
2) Download winzip and save to Desktop
3) Install winzip
4) Go to
5) Download file and save to Desktop
6) Right click on the and choose "extract to folder"
7) Open acekard2i folder
8) Select all the files
9) Drag everything into your memory card
10) Take out the memory card and insert into Acekard 2i card.
11) Done!

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