Saturday, March 28, 2009

Website Grader

Lately in my search for how to better optimize this site I've encountered great sites for SEO tools and SEO tips. In one of those days as I sat browsing and blog hopping I got a chance to visit this site...

Well the site I'm referring about is website grader. This site from Hubspot check and generates report about your website and how to optimize it aso gives you a grade (like in school hehe).

So if you are like me and always looking at how to improve your site, I guess at least you can try this site to have something to refer to as base.

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Insider-Insights said...

hi daddy last your comment page is this a new tool for the ad sense? how come i cant add an ad in my post like yours?

Rhycel said...

oi musta :). Medyo new tool, It's a website that checks your base website optimization and suggest ways on how to improve them. Ayos ano?

Try mo, pero di sya widget eh, kayo ginawan ko na lang ng article