Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free Blogger Templates | Free Blogger Layouts | Free Blogger Themes

If you are like me and wants to get a better looking Blogger template or layout for your blog without having to pay for it then here's some free blogger template sites of free blogger layout websites where you can download.

Personally, I have been using blogger templates from eblog templates . They have lots of free blogger templates that are also termed by them as "make money blog template". Most of the free blogger template they offer is very modern and already web 2.0. The free blogger templates also have built in ad locations where you can put your adsense or other ads. In eblog templates you can also find wordpress themes or wordpress layouts for your wordpress blogs. Eblog templates also offer premium templates you can buy for i guess a readonable price. To download their free blogger templates you just have to sign-in ( sign-up is free).

Another site I'm fond of getting free blogger templates from freetemplates . In this site you can find New (XML) and Classic (HTML) Blogger Template Layout for your blogspot powered blog.

Gecko and Fly have a nice list of well designed Blogger Templates . Most are designs imported in from WP designs that are quite unlike default designs. I personally like their lightbox template which I used in my early photoblog.

So there you go... sites for great free blogger templates download. If you've got other great sites that offer free blogger template download as well as free wordpress theme download you can just list it via the comments here.

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