Saturday, February 14, 2009

Review of WPRemix – Blogging Master Theme

In my search for a new look to my blog I’ve come across a very interesting website that offers a master theme called WordPress Remix.
Now this theme is not like other WordPress themes. It allows you to create over 50 themes giving you color and layout options. It also allows you to build a full site using WordPress which is awesome news for any serious bloggers and internet marketers.
Now, I’ve been searching for a couple of weeks and WPRemix seems to be just what I’m looking for. It’s the only Blog theme on the net I’ve seen with…
- WYSIWYG Page editor. No more mess up with code. Insert and edit page template directly from visual editor. A complete CMS experience!
- Over 50 Page Templates. Choose from over 50 pre-structured, strategically built page templates that covers almost every layout possibility.
- Flexibility. Create different pages and have same sidebar for all pages or you can have them different for each of them!
- Smart Drop Menu. The smart drop menu in wpremix 2 remembers exactly where you are and where you came from!
- Dynamic Codes. You can even insert and execute PHP and Java script codes from visual editor following WP Remix code guide.
- Add-on modules. Built in such way, it accommodates add-on modules that you can use to empower WP Remix. such as shopping cart, dynamic gallery...
I’m sure you’ll agree that this is more than any other theme. There’s tons of other stuff and I recommend to visit their site and see the demo for yourself:

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