Wednesday, January 7, 2009

YaoJing Pet Skills Suggestions

Golem (For Yuling,Yaojing,Yumang or Fashih)
Raging Atk +Raging Bite +Tough Hide +Piercing Cry

Golem (For Wuxia or Yaoshou)
3 elemental skills + Tough Hide/ 4 elemental skills (Elemental Skills = PosionMist, IceShard, RisingSand, Call Of Lightning, FireBall)

Golem (For Monster)
ToughHide + Injure /Shatter + Raging Bite +Raging Atk

BlackFang or BlossomBobcat (Debuffer Type)
Slow + Shatter + Injure + Wailing Cry


small bear = raging bite, snipsnap, piercing cry, slow (PVP/PVE/pang all around)
flying pig = tough hide, inspire, ice shard, fireball (PVE/tank)
young frog = poison mist, piercing cry, call lightning, rising sand (anti-melee)
marsh turtle = raging attack, raging bite, shatter, inspire (PVE under water)

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