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Wizard: Ultimate Destroyer, the Ruler of the Force

Wizards are the ones who mastered the very “last form of force”, which the Sage Tower has inherited from the Honorable Age. They manipulate force to compensate their physical weakness.
Just like sword skills, magic spells are known to have originated in the Lost Age. However, according to theory, it was only during the Honorable Age when magic became a publicized combat skill.
The present form of magic spells was developed by the first generation of the 7 sages. If sword skills use force to maximize a person’s physical abilities and destructive power, magic skills use force within oneself to manipulate outer forces and create powerful energy. In the early years of Nevareth, they used a type of force controller called “Force Stick” that was inherited from the Honorable Age. But as Core Technology developed, they started using an aggressive force controller called “Orb”.
Orb is one-handed, which means that Wizards can equip orb in both hands to double their power. It also enables them to cast multiple magic spells at the same time.
Wizards invest a lot of effort in intelligence in order to efficiently control force. Because of this, they do not possess much physical strength or agility. Thus they prefer to wear light armor such as Martial Suit Set. According to some theories, they avoid metallic armor because it prevents them from close contact with outer forces. Well-experienced wizards are said to be able to simultaneously use multiple magic spells with ease, and inflict enormous damage just by using a simple spell.

Recommended Item

Armor: Martial Set

Weapon: Orb
Recommended Distribution of Abilities

Orb: STR 1, INT 9, DEX 2

Skill Build:

“Until you reach A. Expert magic the wizard class feels like an incomplete class”

Pros: Wizards have fast casting skills. They only need to concentrate on one stat, Intelligence, making them doing the most damage overall. Most of their skills have stuns and knockdowns, which compensate their weaknesses. Wizards have it easy on bosses.

Cons: They have worst accuracy, defense rate (evasion), and lowest defense in game. Meaning you’ll be hit a lot, hit for the most, and miss the most. Their skills do not do spike damage compared to warriors or bladers.

Important things you should keep in mind:

Combo at all times, it compensates for wizard’s terrible attack rate and not only that it helps you skill up faster.

Level up sword rank it’ll save you money and time on extract pots (redistribution of stat points). This means you better level up sword rank at least apprentice by the time you get mid-expert in magic.

Keep all damage spells to level 9 until you feel you can make a nice combo of 4 to 5 spells then level it higher because it gives the best cast time and cool down.

Follow the Growth stats. Armor comes first, Orbs comes later.

Things to know about Skills:

* Limit? It’s a term they use under the skill description in the game
* Limit 1 - single target
* Limit 2 - Piercing ~ Line AOE (Area of Effect)
* Limit 3 - Around you
* Limit 4 - Large AOE. Only Wizards have this.

Standard spells - Every class receives these spells. Every rank has the same stats, but different type.


- Novice rank are single target spells

- Apprentice rank are single target spells

- Regular rank are line AOE (Area of Effect) spells

- Expert rank are AOE (Area of Effect) spells

Magic spells - Decent all around

* Aqua spells - Fast cast time, decent range and decent damage
* Ice spells - Fast cast time, long range, and decent damage. Good for pulling
* Wind spells - Decent cast time, long range, and decent damage. Good for pulling
* Fire spells - Long cast time, decent range and high damage
* Terra spells - Long cast time, short range and high damage
* Lightning spells - Long cast time, short range, and highest damage.

I suggest you get any of Aqua, Fire, Terra, and Lightning. This combination goes nice for comboing as well.


* Burning Hand - Close ranged single target knockdown. Get this to level 9
* Freeze - Ranged single target stun. Get this to level 9.

* Arrows - Single Target


* Dig Bomb - Ranged AOE (Area of Effect) knockdown. Get this to level 9.
* Icicle Shower - Ranged single target spell. Don’t bother.


* Hydro Disk - PBAOE (Point Blank Area of Effect) spell. Combine this with Dig Bomb, it goes real nice. Note this spell gets you real close to the enemy.
* Weaken - Decreases both Magic and Attack. Great for duels and mini bosses. Get this later to level 20.
* Windcutter - Ranged single target knockdown. At this rank your better off with lances. Optional - other than the knockdown for comboing, note that this is single target


* Hardness - Increases Defense. Get this to level 20.
* Acid Trab - Ranged AOE (Area of Effect) DOT (Damage over Time) spell. Get this to level 9.
* Lightning Strike - Ranged single target spell. Note that this is single target -_-. At this rank your better off with cannons. Don’t bother with this

A. Expert

* Sharpness - Increases only Attack. Useless to wizards, but great for Force Shielders. Optional but not recommended
* Energy Field - PBAOE (Point Blank Area of Effect) stun. Get this to level 9. Weak but real nice stun to escape and eventually you can chain stun bosses with this.
* Chain Explosion - Line AOE (Area of Effect) knockdown and knock back. Get this to level 9. This skill is okay, knock back is the only downside since it breaks groups of mobs, yet on the other hand it’s great on mini-bosses later on.
* Vacuum - Ranged AOE (Area of Effect) knockdown. Get this to level 9. Like Dig Bomb.
* Master
* Chain Lightning - Ranged Large AOE (Area of Effect) stun and DOT (Damage over Time). Note that this DOT doesn’t stack with Acid Trab’s DOT. DOT on targets are determined by whichever one does the most damage per tick not overall damage of its duration.

Other Skills

* Combo - Your best friend in PVP as well as PVE. Comboing never misses, wizards rely on this skill the most since our attack rate (accuracy) blows.
* Fade step - Your best friend in PVP (Detargets you from players)
* Dash - Combine it with Blink, its’ twice as fast
* Chain Caster - Battle mode 1 ~ More damage, yet nothing special about it.
* Double Caster - Battle mode 2 ~ this is by far one of the best battle modes in the game it allows you to cast two spells half the casting time. Awesome for skill leveling as well as PVP.
* Elemental Storm - Battle mode 2 skill - Large AOE spell
* Magic to Sword - When leveling sword rank, don’t bother with ‘Magic to Sword’ your better off grinding sword skills since ‘Magic to Sword’ hinders adept gear (Adept gear is not accounted for) and halves your normal skill exp.
* Vitality Mastery - A must get
* Sharp Eyes - Increases Attack rate - Suggested
* Reflex - Increases defensive rate - Not suggested because our defensive rate is already bad enough, but then why Sharp eyes then? Our accuracy is just as bad.. Well as a wizard we kill the target before gets to us so I rather have a higher chance to hit it. Although this may be the case, we have to consider PVP (Not Dueling), we need evasion as much as accuracy so a balance of the two would be best for PVP. PVE would be what I suggested.
* Defensive sense - Increases Defense - A must
* Force Control - Increases Magic Attack - A must
* Ruling Force - Increases Magic Attack - It stacks with Force Control
* Damage Absorb - Increases Defense - It stacks with Defensive sense

General guide to making a wizard, level by level:

LEVEL 1-45
This is the same as every class. It doesn’t matter the skills you get, or the stats you have, really. Just be sure you can wear +2 Aramid Martial stuff.
I find that at early levels, level 9 Ice Elemental Spells (Ice Spear, all those) are the best. At Expert Skill rank, however, get the Flame and Terra Cannons. Those you’ll use later.

LEVEL 45-50
This is your choice at this level: Skill grind now, or later. Either way, it’s going to take time. I’d suggest shelling out about 1m to buy your +2 Aramid Set, (+3 Skill Exp) now, and grinding to about Master or A Master, even. It’s well worth it. To Grind, I’d suggest going to Moscythers, no matter how mobbed it is. Your second choice of course, is to keep going and grinding to level yourself up. This gets handy if you want to get some cash for skills and such, which is also important.
LEVEL 50-65
Port Lux. New place, new monsters, Possibly new KSer’s. You also MUST and I repeat MUST Grind here. The quests are Optional, yet I find them useless. Only do the 70+ Quests, since they give decent EXP and GREAT Alz. Whatever the case, you still got some choices here: If you went ahead and got the Adept set, here’s where you want to get adept BLUESTIN. +3 Skill exp is best, however, this isn’t cheap. Around 3-4m for the whole set. Don’t forget the new jewelry and weapons. As for training, From 50-55 you should go to Phantom Crews. Afterwards, go to Stone Golems, (55-60+) and finally moving to the beach at 60 or higher to mob Dark Bladers. At Stone Golems, you’ll find capes. VERY Handy to grind there, since you’ll get either money, or your new cape. They drop +3 and also +4 EoS/G/F. Also, after Open Beta ends, Dark Bladers will drop the Black Astral Board Key.
Again, you have the option to skill grind at this time. I’d suggest Crag Toads during this period.

LEVEL 65-70

Another new location: Fort Ruina! Congratulations for making it this far! Took me a week! (That’s a lot of time, you know). Anyways, here you’ll find some nice quests able to make you TONS of cash. One level 80 Quest gave me 1.5 MILLION Alz. Very nice. But you’re not there yet, so don’t get all excited. :]
As for Fort Ruina, the best thing to do is to try and get your hands on either Shadow Titanium (For Defense) or, buy Upgrade cores and get your Bluestin Adept to give you more defense. (Maybe even Titanium Adept sets will be out after Open Beta. Who knows? If you get one, use that!) Now, if you were a good little boy/girl, you took my advice and Skill grinded at your upper 40’s. This will allow you to use your Shadow Titanium and your Titanium Armors very early, like now (As Magic Skill Class levels give you somewhere between 12-17+ Int or Dex during Class levels.) If you didn’t, that’s fine. You’ll just have to start doing it now. I grinded at level 60, and it was a bit ch to level at Bugsharks. It’s much easier to skill grind at Moscythers at 40. BIG NOTE: If you have Premium, don’t worry about this too much. You’ll be able to grind 30% of your Skill bar on Dummies. If you don’t, or you’re already over 30%, just grind on monsters that hit low on you with your full Adept (1-40 Damage).
After you get to Master, or even A Master if you’re an Over-Achiever, you can go full on into Mechzards, which are located in the Arena in the far southern corner of Fort Ruina. These monsters HURT. I’ll tell you. In Full ST at this level, I was getting hit in the 100’s. Gonna need level 3 HP Pots now, guys ;P. Take small mobs and use your AoE’s. Hail Storm works best on these fellas, since they’re gigantic. You’ll rake in MASSIVE Cash (+1 or more Titanium drops for every 1-3 Kills, as well as Capes and Chaos Lamps have a high chance of dropping. Not to mention Map parts, which are handy later!) and MASSIVE Exp, since each hit you get from 900-2800 Exp. That’s just with ONE Monster. It can jump up to 20, even 30k Exp per hit if you can mob them successfully. Remember, BM2 is your FRIEND. (Elemental Festival OWNS These guys. Takes at least half their HP and gives you INCREDIBLE Exp, if you mob them right.)

LEVEL 70-80 (Current Cap)
From 70 to 80, all you got to do is keep up with the Mechzards and do ANY level 70 Quests you get from Port Lux or Fort Ruina. These give you loads of Exp and Cash. And a nice Double Slotted +2 Titanium Martial Piece. (Randomized). Although, you’ll notice if you look at the Lake in Dusk Map Pieces you get from Mechzards that it’s a level 75 Dungeon. You know what that means? Soloin’ time! Yes, you will single-handedly defeat (Or at least grind in) Lake in Dusk! (Assuming you have A Master by now… If you don’t… SHAME ON YOU! Go get it now! Otherwise, don’t keep reading! GRIND, GRIND, GRIND!)
If you’re still reading, you’re obviously A Master, or you’re just too full of yourself to take my advice. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though! These monsters are tough cookies. Don’t take the Orcs lightly!
This is a strategy I used to level from 75-80 in only 4 Hours: Grab all your LiD Map Pieces and get to Green Despair. Go to the end of the Moscutter Queen’s Red forest at the bottom of the map, that’s where the entrance of LiD is. When you enter LiD, put up your Buffs and go mob the first 4-6 Orcs you see. All the monsters (besides bosses) respawn after 10 minutes, so here’s what you do: Go through the Orcs and kill them all until you get to the Lake. By then, all the orcs should have respawned. If not, wait for them, or Go on into the Lake and kill toads until they respawn. The bosses don’t respawn quickly enough for you to kill them more than twice, unless you’re REEEEALLY good. Anyways, every 10 minutes or so, go kill the orcs. You’ll be glad you did. You’ll level around once, maybe twice a run if you’re quick. The bosses also drop more Map Parts and handy Stat Extract Potions and (*Gasp*) New Adept Jewelry~! Put on your level 70 Bracelets and Earrings and get back to work! There’s a lot more stuff ahead.
Once you get to 80, which is the current cap, you can enter the Undead Grounds, a new zone with VERY Strong Monsters. All monsters in UG drop Osmium. Yes, Osmium. However, they drop Slotted OS at a very low rate, and the OS/Aqua/Lapis Weapons also drop at a lower rate. To get into the Undead Grounds, buy the Entry Ring from the Grocer at Bloody Ice for 10k Alz. The door to UG should be near the Ghosts and Shades, passed the apes. Grind there for some cash, or for leveling.



Get Magic Arrow, Burning Hand and Freeze to lv9. This is to allow faster skill training as what affects skill level is how frequent u cast your skills. You may choose other novice skills(arrows) but i personally prefer Burning Hand and Freeze because they have very low cooldown at lv9(burning hand 1.1s, freeze 1s) and very easy to combo. Reason for leaving these skills at lv9 = lowest cooldown time. Also, get Regeneration and that’s it for Novice.


Reaching apprentice allows you to learn the blasts. Don’t bother. This is because you will delete them anyway. However, get Dig Bomb

to lv9 because it’s limit 2(AOE) and knocks down the enemy. Good for saving your arse when you get whooped by many mobs. For other apprentice skills like Icicle Shower, don’t even look at them.


Now the regular rank. What skills can you learn lemme see.. Oh the lances. Just learn 2 of the lances, Terra Lance and Fire Lance . They have higher DPS compared to the other lances at lv20. Don’t even bother touching Hydro Disk or Wind Cutter. However, if you got the alz and want to train faster, you may get it. And i was jw if Weaken is under regular. If it is, learn and max it. You’ll surely need this one.


This is when your cannons come. But firstly, get Hardness and max it asap. Lightning Strike is useless as it’s too slow to be of any use. Acid Trap is good at lower levels, but start to get useless at the higher levels. It’s too low damage at higher levels and for it to be useful, you have to level acid trap to 20 for the max poison effect. And it’ll cost you a bomb to delete it. So, simply, don’t learn it. Get Stone Cannon, Fire Cannon, Lightning Cannon, maybe Aqua Cannon as well. Stone, fire and aqua are usually used for PVP while lightning is more for PVE til your gm comes.


Only 4 skills: Vacuum, Chain Explosion, Energy Field and Sharpness. and what’s the point of sharpness? for a wizard to punch? so don’t bother unless you wanna buff your mates and the points to spare. If you got the alz and want to train fast, learn all the other 3 as these skills are good at the low levels. Energy Field is a MUST HAVE because it has a nice cast time and stuns. However, i do not recommend Vacuum cos it’s too slow, in fact **** slow. I deleted it after killing a wriggleleaf. Also, for CE, it’s good for certain unstunnable bosses(those bosses in the patren quest) and just get it to 9 in my opinion.


Get Blink and Force Increase at master. Blink is awesome when you cast it with Dash. ultimate mobility ftw. Hailstorm is good for PVE purposes and i got it to lv20 and PVE became easier. nice damage, reasonable cooldown and knock downs the enemy. Get the resist knockback buff later in the game cos for now, we can’t stack 2 spirit buffs and so the force increase buff will be cancelled if you cast the resist buff.


Get Arctic Field . It’s one of our ultimate PVE skills and works great. And for High Regeneration get it if you got the alz. Good for PVP as max high regen gives 70hp per 2 seconds, quite a huge lot of hp regenerated. However, please note that high regen has a dumb duration of 60s (after lv80 rank up quest) and a GREAT cooldown of 180s. oh well.


Wowowowow what do we have here o.O? of course our ultimate skill of all. EXTREME DUAL CANNON. GET IT TO AT LEAST LV9 ASAP! With a stun rate of 75% for 5 seconds, nice damage and limit 3, it makes a great PVE & PVP skill. also learn spirit intension, our very first party exclusive skill. more of a pvp based buff skill, but just get it since we will have enough points for everything. once we’re in a party, all our party skills can be casted regardless of the presence of any nearby party mates.


With completer incoming, Space Collapse is out. seriously lol@SC. Reason: although it’s limit 4, it isn’t like AF, and hits the monsters all around you. AF is limit 4 around us, but SC is limit 4 around the monster. in simple words, SC may not always hit the monsters behind you if the monster you casted yr SC on is in front of you. the only great thing about SC is the 80% stun..<3 other than that, it sarks.

Anyway, it still makes a good PVE skill. at least level 12 i would say. if you’re sooo into PVP then get it to level 20 after transcender is out. since comp lv20 will be deadly as a finisher in PVP. Btw also get Mass Restore.


This one’s pretty obvious. max both Raise Spirit and Art of Force Control


For sword rank:

Just go to any weapon merchant, get a normal blade, then go to any instructor and learn all the sword skills you can. Now go to any monster and start spamming your flash draws and impact stabs. You’ll get to apprentice very soon. serious =.=” Get dash at apprentice (duh, isn’t that what you want?) and max it. At lv50, when you can go to port lux, you can also choose to get the Change Force upgrade skill (magic to sword) which i will advise you to learn after maxing out your magic (i.e. Transcender 210/210). It’s also proven in the EU forums that spamming 3 sword skill combos is the fastest way to level sword. In other words, train your magic first or if you prefer to balance out both sword and magic ranks, then use a normal sword to train instead of change force.

Upgrade Skills

Vitality Mastery

Reflex or Defensive Sense

Force Control

Sixth Sense

Ruling Force

Damage Absorb


Magic Arrow: Lv9

Burning Hand: Lv9

Freeze: Lv9

^the above skills are for skill leveling, you may choose other novice skills.

Regeneration: Lv4

Weaken: Lv20

Terra Lance: Lv20

Fire Lance: Lv20

Hardness: Lv20

Stone Cannon: Lv20

Fire Cannon: Lv20

Energy Field: Lv18/19 (up to you but not 20, cooldown too long)

Force Increase: Lv20

Blink: Lv9

Hailstorm: i got this one to Lv20.

Arctic Field: Lv12/15 (higher than 15 has retarded cooldown)

Extreme Dual Cannon: Lv9/12 (12 recommended)

Space Collapse: Lv12 at least.

Max all other buffs not mentioned above.

the remaining slots may be for skills like acid trap, vacuum, etc. IMO it’s pointless though.

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