Friday, January 16, 2009

pinay scandal pinay scandal... wow

Was browsing though a friends blog a while ago and saw an entry for this, apprently lots of pinay scandal or scandals have made it into our popular internet.

Pinay scandals have become a phenomena both for horny men and as well as traffic crazy bloggers. The pinay scandal keyword has become a trophy keyword to bring in people to a site and a lot of blogger can attest this.

Trends show that a lot of people looks for pinay scandals or any other scandals the can get their hands on specially now that internet access fees have gone down (makes sense since Net access and plans have gone way down unlike in the 80's and early 90's where a dial-up internet access plan would cost so much.)

Pinay scandals, may it be just a keyboard or the actual pinay scandal vedios or pics seems to be here to stay.

Share your site/download links if you do have new pinay scandals ^_^...hek hek

So what are you waiting for....start googling... har har

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