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Perfect World Quest Guides

PET TAMING QUEST - Instead of hunting the Plateau something or other for the meat, kill the Highland Boars instead. A misnaming problem

ZENG NING (HOLY BEAST) - For some strange reason Beastkin players are having a hard time with this quest. Simply walk up the huge stone slope where the pillar of lightning rises. At the top the slope turns right towards the person you want to talk to.

FIRST FLIGHT TEST for Wingkind - This is for the timed quest given by the Elder early in your carreer. Start at 330 433 then fly up. At the 3rd platform go behind house. The chest is at 324 427.

KITE - The kite is at the top of a stucture at 264 545. Your second jump from the arms should be to the torches. From there you can get to the top.

BACKPACK - The backpack can be found at the top of the head of one of the Big Statues in the middle of Dragon City . Location is 559 645

BLOOD FLOWER - These are flowers growing on the ground near the shipyard located between Feather City and Bamboo Village at 337 355

BROKEN SWORD/ Drunk’s Quest - The drunk man is either lying or so addled with drink that his instructions are too confusing. Instead simply jump behind the building the Drunk man is standing in front of. You’ll find the Rosewood Box beside the Big Tree at 446 893.

EVERLASTING TROUGH - Go to the Fishing Village and talk to the Monk to buy the Everlasting Trough. You just need to buy 1. Location roughly at 639 831.

FLYING TIGER - This quest gives a lot of people trouble. To solve this quest got to the Big Rocks on the river bank South of the Bridge at 450, 670. Then WALK, don’t fly around the sides of the rock on the ground. The Magic net will do the rest. The Tiger is Invisible so you can’t see it.The Second part of the quest requires you to go to Sword Lake. Swim to the middle of the lake at 488 902. There you will see a human body among a circle of rocks.

LOST JADE - T reasure for the fisherman. You can find it by swimming East into the ocean to 660 798.

MANGHONG HAIR - Swim to the middle of Mirror Lake to 459 589. Click on the “Rocks” at Bottom of the lake there.

ROULAXIN FLOWER - This flower is on top of the Pagoda beside the Spirit Lady NPC North of Orchid Temple just outside the walls at 580 770. You can get to the top by jumping from the edge of the lower roof.

SOUL GRASS - This grass can be found to the south of Orchid Village in Orchid Valley at 590 545.

Monsters Quests ( BOSS and Mini BOSS )

KING OF KUNLUN - Strange White Deer that does nothing but run away if attacked. Don’t be shocked by it’s level 100. Also it is immune to all elemental attacks. Use ordinary physical attacks. His danger is that it’s surrounded by aggresive monsters so make sure there are no monsters beyond him when you attack as he will rin away from where you are attacking. Sometimes into other monsters. He can be found at 428 554

DEADWOOD TREANT/ DEADWOOD - Walk along the path past the bridge to 604 888.

HAI GUI - Exit Dragon City from the South Gate and go to the middle of the Bridge then dive off in to the River. Hai Gui will be to the west at 542 607. If he’s not there wait for him hear the bridge. It’s shy so it won’t respawn if you’re there.

HELLTREE - This Miniboss walks around with the usual 2 groupies. It can be found around 528 523. This Miniboss walks around a lot so look around for him. Be careful as all the monsters in this area are aggressive.

MEI YAO - Mini-boss at the West side of Sky Cliff at 411 538. As usual kill the 2 plants first before Mei Yao.

PAO CHI - The easiest miniboss around and the first you’ll kill. He has no hanger-ons and his “guards” although aggressive will not help him if you can lure Pao Chi from the camp. His camp is at 461 724.

YAN SHENG - Found at the Broken Bow Mine at 474 679

CAMELLIA SEEDS / HAO NIAO (MINIBOSS) - Go to the top of Sky Cliff and look for 3 flying bird like monsters. This is a MiniBoss so kill Hao Niao’s wingbirds first. You will need to fly to 428 537.

YI QINGLING - Can be found floating around at 314 435. Called the Wingking Specter. Don’t talk to it, just kill it.

SPIDER DEN - Go the spot between 4 trees with spider webs at 477 923.

YE GONG (DRAGON QUEST) - This person starts the Dragon Quest. You can find him on the bridge leading to the center of Dragon City from Dragon City West at 543 653. After you talk to him, go to the Dragon Emissary at the starting village where you first appeared in this world.

The most common request by far is the Rou Zhi quest for all the Races. Here then are the locations of both the Rou Zhi Spirit and the Rou Zhi Horse quests.

For the Wingkind:ROU ZHI SPIRIT - Kill the Hardback Tapir at 281 490. This is on the top of the Cliff/Plateau so Fly very High.ROU ZHI HORSE - This is a flower found at 280 401.

For the Humans:ROU ZHI SPIRIT - Kill the Snow Wolves on Wood Mountain West.ROU ZHI HORSE - This is a flower at 536 892

For the Beastkind:ROU ZHI SPIRIT - Kill the Lionmen near Wolf Den. You cant miss them.ROU ZHI HORSE - This is a flower at 374 648

DECAYED WALKING CORPSE = ROTTEN GHOUL - One of many misnamed monsters. You can find them south of Mirror Lake Residence.

DEW MOUNTAIN = BURNHAM MOUNTAIN - Heres something new. A misnamed location. Go to 344 793,just North of the High Wind Tribe.

EVEN GODS FACE TRIALS - This is an untranslated quest that a lot of people are asking about. It’s a rather long quest divided into 3 parts so bear with me.

Talk to the 4 Giant statues in the middle of Dragon City by flying up and Landing on thier shoulder. Then go closer to the ear. A popup full of squares will appear. click on the 1st answer. Now talk to the other 3. You have to talk to each statue in turn.

Collect 2 items- Kill Ghouls inside Hades Residence- Enter Blue Cloths Grave and open the chest near entrance.Once you’ve collected those 2 items there will be more stuff you have to collect.

Collect 4 items- 5 nectars- 5 argeratum- 3 emmenagogue- 15 one eyed stonesOne eyed stones can be collected by disassembling low level weapons, armors and accessories. To disassemble go to the appropriate NPC and choose the disassemble option. You must have the appropriate crafting skill at level 2 to disassemble items.

EVIL WOLF FIGHTER = CRAZED WOLF - Another misnaming problem. They can be found around Allied Troops Camp.

FACING ONE’s FEAR - The Dragon Emissary can be found at each race’s starting village. This is the village you first appeared in Perfect World.

FANG QINGZI (MINIBOSS) - He can be found walking along the East-West path just West of Orchid Temple at approximately 561 766.

FIERCE JACKAL - They can be found just South of the Old Man’s house.

FLYING FOX = FOREST WASP - Another Misnaming problem

RED JADE - Go to Hero’s Grave and kill the Ancient Ghouls. They can be found in the Northern part of the map. The area that looks like a robot.

RIVER HUTF or the Hut part of the Flute Quest go to the Open Hut East of Square Village, just across the Bridge with 2 guards at 601 883. To complete this part of the quest you have to enter the hut itself. There is a gap in the railings on the South face of the hut. Enter through there. Walking around it or jumping on top will not do.

SNAKE VALLEY - Ths is the area around the Allied Troops Camp. No idea why it’s not labelled on the map.

STALKER (MINIBOSS) - A slightly smaller all brown scorpion at 569 539.

VOID EARTH ELVES = EARTH IMP - Mislabelled blahblahblah. Found West of Dragon City near the city walls.

VILE SILVER BLADE / FLYING MASTER LI ZHAOHUL A Partially translated quest. Simply talk to each NPC that appears in the Quest log until it asks for an item that’s all squares. Next part is toharvest the Flower in Sky Cliff at 423 527 or thereabouts.

WHEEL OF SEAL - 1 of 7 seals needed at level 100You cn find this item in Hero’s Grave. In the area that looks like a robot, go to the right most of the 3 rooms at its “chest”, look for the chest that says PRECIOUS CASE OF SOIL at 408 508. When you harvest it the chest will disappear. If you have others that want to harvest it also just wait for it to respawn.

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