Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Guinglain’s YaShou Guide

This is part of the guide, actually surprised at the similarity of my own YaShou build…

STR/CON/DEX - As far as i know this is the Best Build. endgame Focus should be, STR:270+, DEX:50+, CON:every excess stat point.

  • Why 270+ STR? extra damage, extra defense, Weapon/Armor Prerequisite’s.
  • Why 50+ DEX? 50×8=400, and that 400HIT will go a long way with Bloody Demon/Burning Blood Skill(Lv10=210% Hit Rate), 400 evade would be the little extra bonus too you’ll never know when that miss will save you, and again Weapon/Armor Prerequisite’s
  • Why everything left on CON? Yao Shou’s have self buffs called Inspire(Lv10=+30%HP) +17HP per CON, 100CON would give you 1.7k HP, 1,700 multiplied by .30=510HP. so 100CON+INSPIRE =2,210HP. This is ASIDE from the +34HP per/Lvl! But wait! there’s more! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif) lvl12 HP Stone’s are said to give +600HP. well good luck in getting at least 1piece, but let’s compute again. 600x.30=180. So that’s 780HP per Lvl12 Stone you have on your armor slot. LoL.
    so let’s break it down.


Stat Distribution:

Started with this per level until DEX is 50:

STR: 2




STR: 3/lvl

CON: 2/lvl till STR reaches 270+

Afterwards it’s CON all the way.

Rings will be:

1 Brahma and 1 Linyun

Skill Priority:

Defiance(49), Thousand Ton Hammer(16) and Shatter(23) ===> max them and look for other skills you would need. (AOEs would be a good choices specially splitting earth)

Max Passives

Max Buffs

I’ll also get Armaggedon and Sundering Heaven.

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