Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free PSP Games Download

Ok so if you are like most of us and looking for free PSP games download. Want to play popular PSP games and don't want to spend money to buy those UMDs. There are many PSP download sites on the internet. However, Google search results has been spammed already by trash sites, sites that pretend to give you free PSP games but actually just full of spammy keywords, but no PSP games to download.

I've managed to compile some of the free PSP games download sites that worked me.

Here they are, enjoy...

Here are a few websites where you can download 100% free psp iso/cso All you need to do is signup there is no catch no paying and even no offers just ur e-mail username and pass

the dukes link has changed now the current one now works. the reason the old website was closed down was because google found games is illegal so they closed it down. now his new website say to make sure you only download games you already have (like we'll do that)

this is also the simplest link i could find just click whichever one you want and download it


you do need custom firmware to play these games. you know u have it if your firmware version ends with a "GEN" "M33" "OEA" or is 1.50. dont ask me how to get it. just search psp downgrading and there is altlest 200 videos of them.

Difference Between ISO and CSO
CSO is smaller ISO is bigger

CSO requires more battery life and for the CPU to be at 333 or it wont run properly

ISO can be left normally

CSO and ISO can be 1 file

CSO is never recommended for fast paced gaes like Midnight Club LA

in any game you can sometimes notice some lag with CSO

ISO run smoothly 100% of the time

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