Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fox Type Dmg…, using Black Shadow Sword?

I’m actually using this sword for my yj fox… here’s some comparisons:

Black Shadow Magic Sword:
Int - 66
Str - 230
Dex - 50
Con - 70

Phys Damage output: Pretty high: 2.2k~3.1k (1.25 attacks/second)
Magic Damage output: Sucks. 1k~2k
Crit %: about one critical hit in 15 attacks.
Misses about once every 20 attacks.
High HP/ Low Mana/ Weak Heal Pet Rate
Mdef: Sucks. Big Time.
Def: Owns

Tai Qing Sword (Level 84) 3* +2, Def+215,-20% Attributes with 2 Atk Stones
Wearing Light Armor

Int - 210
Str:- 90
Dex - 90
Con - 35

Phys Damage Output: Average 1.2k~1.5k (1.25 attacks/second)
Magic Damage Output: High 5.5k~6.8k
Crit %: One magic critical in about every 7 casts
Seldom misses on foxform.
Very low HP /High Mana
Mdef: Above Average
Pdef: Above Average

Tai Qing Sword (Level 84) 3* +2, Def+215,-20% Attributes with 2 Atk Stones
Wearing Heavy Armor

Int - 210
Str - 190
Dex - 35
Con - 3

-20/30% Level 80 armors are used since the stats won’t be sufficient
Phys Damage Output: Owning 3k~4.4k
Magic Damage Output: Average 4k~5.2k
Crit: 1 crit in about 35 attacks
Misses once every 20 attacks.
Very Low HP / OK healing rate / OK mana
Mdef: Average
Def: Owning

The Black Shadow Magic Sword - High DPS, but not advisable for heavy skill spammers. Also, take note the very very minimal MDEF so it would be wise to plug in level 8 MDEF stones in those armors. If you, however, would like to wield the Mystic sword in your level range, prepare to sacrifice your CON for a lot of INT. Also, -30% / 20% would be great, but the thing is you would have WAY higher damage than the Black Shadow.

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