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Force Shielder: The faithful warrior that uses the force to shield others

The invention of “Crystal” has created another possibility in force control. Force Shielders noticed that Force Archer’s Astral Bow can efficiently support long-range force control. They studied how to precisely condense force around Crystals so that force is not dispersed when used to attack enemies. As a result, Astral Shield was created.

The creation of Astral Shield opened a new chapter in the history of Nevarethian armors. Astral Shield has exceptionally high defense strength and it can be used for offensive purposes as well. Warriors and Bladers, who desperately needed a better way to fight and defend, became Force Shielders. They wanted higher defense while establishing their own unique battle style. Thus they started using the heaviest armor such as Warrior’s Armor Suit with Astral Shield at the same time.

Force Shielders specialize in short-range force control, which means that they are incapable of doing long-range attacks. However, they make up for the weakness by developing support magic spells that increase their attack strength by manipulating outer forces near their bodies, whose methods are similar as the Wizard’s strongest asset.

This revolutionary invention has become a turning point in the Nevarethian battle style. Force Shielders must invest a lot of their effort in physical strength in order to be equipped with Armor Suit, the strongest yet heaviest armor, as well as understanding of force in order to skillfully control force. Also, they need to consider agility for decent hit rate since they can only use one-handed sword. Well-experienced Force Shielders know various ways of manipulating Astral Shields, and can perfect their defense if they master in short-range force control.

Recommended Item

Armor : Armor Set

Weapon : Blade + Crystal

Recommended Distribution of Abilities

Blade + Crystal : STR 5, INT 4, DEX 3

Now when you make a Force Shielder, you have to decide, later on, if you want to be a Magic Force Shielder, Sword Force Shielder, or Hybrid Force Shielder.

Here are the good and bad, downs and ups, pros and cons, of each type of Force Shielder:

Magic Force Shielder


· You’ll be really good in PVP because of your strong cannons AND you have the defense of a Warrior since you wear the same Armor as them.

· In my opinion, Magic Force Shielder levels you up and helps you gain Skill Experience faster at low levels because they do good damage.

· Nice DPS (Damage Per Second)


· You’ll be spamming cannons the rest of your CABAL life, and not showing any rapid and cool-looking Sword skills.

Sword Force Shielder


· You’ll be an important player in your party because of your defense and AoE skills to take on those mobs.

· You have a LOT of cool-looking skills (Storm Cut, Shield Break, the list goes on…..)

· You can solo almost anything from quests to dungeons


· You won’t do as good in PVP as a Magic Force Shielder because Magic Force Shielders have higher DPS and can pack a whallop from a distance like Force Archers.

Hybrid Force Shielder


· You’ll be balanced in everything, making you a decent Force Shielder.


· You won’t be exceptional in one category. Meaning, that you won’t master the art of Sword and master the art of Magic as well as if you were one or the other.

Duels (1v1)

Against Archers

· DASH. LEVEL 9 DASH. If you don’t have it, you’re pretty much screwed against a Force Archer or Wizard. A good Archer will FadeStep as much as they can. Dash toward him and hit them with a ranged skill like a Magic Skill for Magic Force Shielders. Earth Divide and Shield Ray for the Sword Force Shielders.

Against Wizards

· Same strategy as Archer. Try to stun and knock them down, that’s essential. You don’t want them to Freeze you in an Ice Shower in Poison puddles, now would you?

Against Warriors, Bladers, Force Bladers, and other Force Shielders

· If you’re a Magic Force Shielder, then FadeStep and keep throwing in those Magic Skills. You should get some quick-casting spells and some heavy damage spells. Remember to Combo as well.

· If you’re a Sword Force Shielder, go crazy. Cast your chain of Sword Skills and hack-and-slash with them. Remember to Combo.



Alright, now there are 2 types of skills in CABAL. One is Training skills and the other is Normal Gameplay skills.

For Training Sword Skills, you should always get the skills with the shortest cast time, and combo with them. I recommend getting 4 training skills for both Magic and Sword. I recommend these Sword skills for training because they cast pretty fast.

· Impact Stab

· Flash Draw

· Rising Shot

· Shield Charge

For Training Magic Skills, same thing with the casting time. Here’s a note:

Get 4 Arrows, then “upgrade” to Lances. Don’t get Blasts because they have a long casting time, and that’s not good.

Now, it doesn’t matter which Arrows and Lances you get. It doesn’t affect how slow or fast you grind. But I will make a list of what you Arrows and Lances I recommend.

· Arrows: Magic Arrow, Aqua Arrow, Fire Arrow, Freezing Arrow

· Lances: Terra Lance, Fire Lance, Aqua Lance, Freezing Lance

Now, to Normal Gameplay Skills. These are the skills you will be using in normal gasmeplay (PVP’s, dungeons, quests, partying, PK’s,….) Here is the list of Normal Gameplay Skills you should get for Magic, Sword, and Hybrids


· Shield Splinter

· Shield Break (best damage skill)

· Shield Explosion (360 degrees knockdown)

· Shield Ray (the furthest ranged sword skill)

· Storm Crush (this isn’t really good because it has a very long cast time, but you can use it before you can get better skills like the first 2 above)

· Guillotine (frontal knockdown)

· Shield Charge (this is a moving/attack skill, warps you 4 spaces up to hit the enemy)

· Earth Divide (similar to Guillotine, but with further range and smaller radius)

· Dash (this is a movement skill)

· Fadestep (this is a movement skill)

· Shield Harden (this is a buff skill)

· Blade of Judgement (your only Stun Skill, essential)


· Regeneration (this is a buff skill)

· Crushing Blade (this is a buff skill)

· Shield Harden (this is a buff skill)

· Heal (quite lousy, but what the hell)

· Blade of Judgement (your only stun skill, essential)

· Terra Lance

· Fire Lance

· Aqua Lance

· Stone Cannon

· Fire Cannon

· Aqua Cannon


· Just get any skills because you’re both, right? It’s up to you.

Note: Get all buffs and Dash and Fadestep no matter what build you’re going. Max out all buffs and Dash and FadeStep as well.

Your training skills should be kept at a maximum of Level 9. The reason I say so is because any other level higher than that will increase the cooling and casting time, which is not good.

Your only Stun Skill, Blade of Judgement, is vital. It is your life-saver and without it, you can’t win any high-level quests, dungeons, and PVP’s.It is a 360 degrees skill that stuns mobs for 5 secs. In my opinion, you should leave it at level 9, where it has a cool time of 5.1 secs. Anything more than level 9 would not be good, because you would want to keep the mobs around you stunned, and you have to spam this skill every 6-7 secs to do so.

Tips on how to Farm Skill EXP.

You farm faster for both Skill and Level EXP when you lure enemies in mobs and hit them with your AoE skills. You gain much more EXP and Skill EXP this way.

Oh, and remember to get Adept pieces

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