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Force Blader: Swordsman whose blade flares with the force

The invention of Crystal and the birth of Force Archer have brought yet another class after Force Shielders. Since Force Bladers were formed almost at the same time as Force Shielders, they shared many things in common. From the early years of Nevareth, people have wished to use sword and magic at the same time so that they can cover both short- and long-range battles.

However, it was almost impossible before Force Archers and Force Shielders appeared. But with their appearance, people were greatly encouraged to study magic swordsmanship that lead to the establishment of the technique now used by Force Bladers.

Force Bladers use a sword in one hand and a force controller in the other hand. Unlike defensive Force Shielders, Force Bladers prioritize agility for precise attacks. It is for the same reason that they cannot wear armor heavier than Battle Suit Armor Set. Also, they preferred to use “Orb”, which focuses on destructive power more than force control.

The research in Force Bladers obtained a fruitful result in establishing Agility Force Bladers but it was not that satisfactory. Agility Force Blader’s sword skills were not as strong as Bladers’ skills and their magic skills were not as powerful as Wizards’ or Force Archers’ skills. They were also unable to perform support magic spells unlike Force Shielders. They must find another way to improve their power. After long research, they realized that using sword and magic spells at the same time would compensate for the weakness. Thus, they created a unique battle skill known as “Magic Sword Skills”. This is how Force Bladers, the Magic Swordsmen came to be.

Since Force Bladers must be equally skillful in fencing and magic, they try to keep balance their practice in physical strength and intelligence. Although there are not yet many Magic Sword Skills introduced, Force Bladers can use joint sword and magic skills. Well-experienced Force Bladers are told to be able to combine every possible magic spell with their sword skills, and inflict more damage by mastering combining magic and sword skills.

Recommended Item

Armor : Battle Set

Weapon : Katana + Orb

Recommended Distribution of Abilities

Katana + Orb : STR 4, INT 4, DEX 4

Types of FBs:

Battle / Normal FBs

This is the standard type for Force Bladers. Battlesuits has a balance amount of Defense and Defense rate meaning it’s in between Armor suits and martial suits. This build perfectly fits FBs in both PvP and PvE.

Heavy FBs

This is a pvp type for Force Bladers who wears armor suits. For those who are pvp oriented, go for this build because it has higher defense than battle suits which is helpful in pvp but has less defense rate which is needed for pve but the defense can cover it. Do this once you finish the lvl60 rank up quest since it’s the last growth..* Follow the Force Shielder stats *

If you got +slotted Terragrace set then go wear it!!! Because Terragrace has better defense and defense rate than Osmium Armor set…

Plus it looks smexy with a cape X3…

About Forcium/ Mithril battle set, you can get this if you like(when it’s available in this version) but most just stick to osmium or terragrace since Forcium/Mithril is hard to get…

Final Skill build

Sword skills:

Dash lvl9

Fade Step lvl9

Illusion stab lvl20

Infernal Stigma lvl18

Dance of Ruin lvl20

Abyssal Crystal lvl20

Force Impact lvl15-18

Force Slash lvl20 (pvp move)

Force Assault lvl20 (pvp move)

Infernal Impact lvl9

Assassinate lvl9

Magic skills:

Earth Guard lvl20

Lightning Blade lvl20

Aqua Vitality lvl20

Wind Movement lvl20

Stone cannon lvl 20 (for Bm1)

Aqua cannon lvl 20(for Bm1)

Lightning cannon lvl20(for Bm1)

Wind cannon lvl20(for Bm1)

Resist Intension (most FBs don’t use this much because they use their debuffs most of the time in pvp but it’s still kinda useful.)

Execratiom *max it if possible*

Lower Defense lvl20 (you can also use this to lure bosses)

Hard Luck (max)

Darkness (max)

Field of Enervation (max)

Mana Freeze (max)

Field of Execration (max)

Upgrade Skills:

Vitality Mastery

Offensive sense

Impact Control

Damage Absorb

Sixth Sense

Reflex or Defensive Sense

*For the two builds for FBs it’s recommended to use Reflex but if your a pvp oriented type go with defensive sense*

FBs at lower levels and skill rank are pretty much weak. But once a FB reach A.Master rank, that’s where it gets stronger.

Skill grinding:

Get to lvl40+ asap to use adept items. Get the +3/4Skill Exp ones(adept aramid battleset).

Then go punching, it might be boring but it’s worth it. Punch all the way to Dual Master, stop your Magic at Master 33/96 to get all your buffs(Lightning blade, Earth Guard, Aqua Vitality and Wind Movement) at lvl20 max. Then go to the Port Lux instructor and get Force Change Magic to Sword, with this you can gain more and faster only for SWORD. Go get a noobie sword(in order to use your buffs to support you while skill grinding namely Earth Guard, Aqua vitality and Wind Movement), then go punching(normal attack).

For leveling magic, do the same just replace Force Change magic to sword with Sword to Magic.

If you got premium service, it would be better and buy a board if you can afford it becuause it helps you in skill grinding (+hp,+def, +4Skill Exp , regens 2 hp and mp per two secs)

Leveling is easy when you have high skill rank and have strong skills at your disposal. XD

You can have higher hp than the others at your level and you can own a lot of people in PvP. =P


Do some quests in between so that you can earn some money to buy those skills.

Concerning on weapons, you can use katanas or blades it depends on you which you like better. You can also use Crystals rather than orbs because it has more attack than orbs *follow the Force Shielder stats*


Get as many items with sword amp as you can…. 2 is quite enough or 3 if you wanna be uber in pvp O.o… Also get crit…



Infernal Stigma(18)>Assassinate(9)>Infernal Impact(9) *Thats it, short aint it?.. Tongue but it’s quite useful especially when your surrounded by mobs, stunning them a lot giving you time to hp pot or to escape*


Infernal Stigma is your only stun skill and it is also your ONLY LIFE SAVER!!…..


This is the best combo for FBs..

Force Assualt(20)>Force Slash(20)>Infernal Impact(9)>Assassinate(9)> Dance of Ruin(9)>Abyssal Crystal(20)>Force Impact(20)

Use Force Impact as a finisher move….

I myself use this combo and it’s deadly effective.. Before duel starts use Lower Defense, Execration, Hard Luck then Mana Freeze(use this if your against FA, Wiz, Magic FS and other FBs.. you can also use this against Warriors, Bladers, and Sword FS but it will make it boring =/ they just stand there, doing nothing because they cant even cast 1 skill so no fun…)

You might notice Infernal Stigma isn’t included it’s because of its slow DPS and i remember from my experience your opponent can’t be stunned if he uses combo…

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