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DEX BRAWLER basic build [until 107]

Dex Brawler Basic Build Until 107

Dex brawlers have been known as the one’s that you never do 1 on 1’s with. They possess skills that specialize in eliminating adversaries one by one by utilizing their skills that execute at a very fast rate and their delay is almost unnoticeable. Speed is the forte of this class but this comes at a price. We [I address as such because i am also a dex brawler] are the one class that deals the lowest damage output per hit when compared to all the other classes. But don’t let this be a bother because we are primarily used in a party as “lurers” and “tanks” so we are quite important in our party because what’s the use of having so many killers if they cant find something to kill? Anyways, enough with the chit-chat and let’s get down to business.

Disadvantages of a dex brawler:

1. tibag ng dex archer [ due to low accuracy ]

2. low damage [ average damage of skills on monsters = 900 ]

3. average hp [ swordsmen has higher hp ]

4. Low MP [150 mp pots per hour!]

5. expensive weapons [ a good weapon costs a million or so ]

6. no mob skills until level 67 [ tokkan punch only hits 2 targets ]

7. has a hard time dealing with many enemies in pk [ dex brawler skills are made to kill one person at a time ]


1. High defense [ rivaled only by an int swordsman ]

2. high evasion [ rivaled only by a dex archer ]

3. high stamina [ I dun need sp pots anymore when i solo ]

4. IMHO the best 1 v 1 character [ try dueling with a mastered deadly seven ^^ ]

5. very fast delay when using skills [ you can use all your skills and make it look like a 1 skill only due to its speed ]

6. has the greatest[IMO] cancel skill in ran = deadly seven [ 0.3 second delay per hit, 56% chance to faint, which stops movement ]

7. great character in later levels [ 97+ ]

8. fast cool down of skills [ average cool down of skills from heavy punch to deadly seven = 5 seconds ]

Now that you know what are the pros and cons of Dex type, i assume that you noticed that this class is not for those who want to deal massive damage against the enemy but rather this is for people who want their characters as the “ultimate defensive” characters [wow, i said ultimate]. Why so? We aren’t necessarily mob killers due to our very low damage output but we compensate that for a very high defense and a very high evasion [provided that you use dynamic armors instead of enhanced ones]. We are considered the best lurers in RAN because we can easily negate damage from mobs and even if they do damage, they wont necessarily hit as often as the other classes[except for a dex archer].


a. Heavy punch - basically your defense against pk [66% chance to cancel when mastered]. This will be your bread and butter along with tokkan punch in the early levels [ does 200 - 500 damage early on ]

b. tokkan punch - one of the lesser skills, but good early game as it is your first mob skill [ which hits only 2 targets -_-" but can reach 1000 damage when buffed ]

c. Mirage - does wonders when used with an electric weapon. It’s the first skill that hits in multiple succession[ three times ]

d. Kick punch - first “real” mob skill, useful because of your limited mob skills. This skill will be important in your mid levels when you really need a mob skill to eliminate mobs.

e. Crit punch - a great mob skill, but has a slow cast time [ your first skill that can actually deal over 1000 damage ]. This skill can be a “one-shot” skill in pk due to its concentrated damage.

f. Shintendouchi - a great mob skill with an average cool down has a 30% chance to burn and cancel [can reach 2700 damage when berserked and powered up]. Declare yourself a mob killer when you get this. LOL

g. Deadly seven - a very essential skill for a dex brawler especially in pk, has a 56% chance to faint [stunning movement and quite better than cancel]. When used with powerup, berserk, and bloodlust, it can deal over 4000 damage when totaled. Can deal over 1000 damage in pk when used with similar buffs. This skill will be the thing that can make you indestructible in pk, it hits seven times, its makes enemies faint, what’s not to love? =)

h. Force Punch - a powerful skill that hits 9 targets when mastered and has a relatively fast cool down, which makes it another great skill to master. Currently it is the only dex brawler skill that can deal over 2000 damage without buffs [my F. Punch does 2100+]. When powered up, berserked, and added with bloodlust, it can deal for about 1100 - 1300 damage in PK [yes, it will be a one shot skill] or if you are a hybrid [with power kick], it can deal for about 1500++.

i. Dance of the Warrior - I saw this skill and i was disappointed. It has 5 hits and for about 130-200 damage each in pk, I can’t say it can be a killer skill. But IMHO this is the most impressive visual skill I ever saw, better than the dance of death. It deals about 400-600 damage on mobs and hits 9 targets.

What’s hot and what’s not. What skills to master:

1. heavy punch - level 4 is enough, as it has a 50% chance to cancel and you only need to meet the requirements

2. tokkan punch - just get it to level 4 so you can attain the necessary requirements for the next skill

3. Mirage - just get it to level 3 because you will almost never use it later in the game.

4. kick punch - if you are a slow leveler I suggest mastering this one [has a 4 second cool down when mastered]

5. crit punch - same description with kick punch

6. shintendouchi - master this because you will be basically use this skill until you are level 200 ]

7. deadly seven/sensrethshuken - if you like pk master this one[if you are 117 try using the skill points to force punch instead

fist mastery - master this one, as it increases your damage by 50 when mastered [attainable by level 100]

9. Evasive dance - a must. this will be your bread and butter as dex brawlers rely on their brute defense and evasion to survive

10. Evasion - just like evasive dance, this skill increases your defense and evasion by percentage, which is good.

11. Weapon mastery - a no no as of the moment. it only increases 10 damage when mastered, and IMO a waste of valuable skill points

12. Light speed - if you are a fast leveler, I suggest you level this up too.

13. Dance of the Warrior - no idea yet. I haven’t got it yet

14. Force Punch - a must [don’t master deadly seven if you already have this one]. But this skill requires good timing because it only hits the line in which you have used your skill.

What you armors should you take?

Basically dex brawlers should own armors that are “dynamic”[preferably with a high RV] because they increase evasion, which helps you a lot. In my opinion, when you don’t have enough cash, don’t invest on upgrading your weapon because that would only have a little effect on how much damage you can deal. Instead, upgrade your armors to at least +4[or if you feel lucky, try +5] because once you’re defense reaches 200+, you can be an effective lurer and a great tank because it mixes up with your evasion, which rocks.

Which accessories should you take?

For rings, I really suggest getting the level 120 jade rings or the level 80 as it adds dex which helps quite a lot. If you are a defensive type try acquiring shen mo rings, they add 5hp and 5 defense and costs around 600-750k at the strife server. For rosaries, x2 rosaries, if you don’t use those, try using…errr…. give me advice on this please, I don’t know much about the other rosaries. As for earring, aluminum earrings would be nice.

Where to level?

1 – 30:

Inside the Campus would be a starting point, then try to work your way up to level 30 before even attempting to go out [ blood drinkers hurt! ]

31 – 62:

MP, SG, and PHX hole are ok places to level up, provided that you take caution when leveling in server 0 as intermittent invaders come and go [ including us :D ]

63 – 73:

Leonine Campus, at the mummy and tomb raider areas by the stairs, but be sure to come early, as this spot is a “hot spot”, which means it is in demand and therefore, competition arises.

74 – 90:

Inside the leonine campus. 1st floor is good if you your parties’ level is relatively low [74-80]. B1 is good if you have a good defense rate [ oh, dex brawlers have good defenses, i forgot -_- ]. B2 is good if you know the leveling points. Carpark area is a good place to level also, because it has a lot of MOBS.

90 – 117:

Wharf! a great place to level even if you are 130+, but leveling spots are hard to come by at this area, and at server 0, it looks like a war zone with MP and SG fighting for dominance [ SG RULEZZ ]

117 – 119:

Hangout 1st floor, not a lot of mobs, but has good exp


Hangout 2nd floor. Beware of the ninjas[M], they hurt a lot, even with 300+ def, they hit for 100+ damage >.<


Hangout 3rd floor. This area is currently the best place to lvl, although it is only accessible by lvl 125

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