Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crit FaShi Guide

Basically my build…stuck at level 53 in Dragon Server though since I’m leveling my YS in Serpent also at it’s 50s hehe:

Critical Build Stat Allocation

If your a starting from scratch(Lvl 1 fashi), allocate the stats when you level up on a ratio of 1STR:1DEX:3INT
with this build you will be able to wear light armors. during the early and mid levels (1-60) make sure you have good equips to compensate for the lack of HP. Leveling up with this build will not be hard because of the skills that fit this build.

If your planning to do a stat reset, i suggest you do it when you reach 60+ levels already.

Skill build
A. Skill Build from Scratch

Like i said earlier, this build have only medium INT, that means that almost all of your MATK depends on the weapon you are using. Most of the damage your skills will be dealing in your early levels will be based on the additional elemental damage of the skill. And since you want your skills to crit, you have to throw more skills than usual. It means that the build requires skills that casts fast and deals damage that it isnt mainly based on your MATK. The list of skills below are advisable to be maxed early, so that you can take advantage of the range of maxed skills.

Another bonus for this build is that you have medium amount of def on your side. And if your going to use the earth armor, you will be able to reach the def of other classes. And if your against a magic user, you can always wear your robes if you need additional elemental resistance ^^

List of advisable skills to maxout during the early levels…
Brand of Fire
Surging Spring
Stone Rain
Water Armor
Earth Armor
Elemental Masteries:Earth Fire Water

List of skills that will be useful if you have them @ level 5 or more
Shifting Earth
Wings of the Phoenix

as you have noticed, i didnt place brand of godly flame on the list. i didnt chose that skill because it will take a while before you can max it out. It means that the range of the skill will be shorter than the rest of your skills. Also it takes 3 seconds for you to launch it, and another 1 second for the animation time. on this very fragile build, that skill wont be useful til you get less fragile @ level 60

B Skill build from a Stat Reset

I cant do much help, since you have already chosen the set of skills your using, what i can suggest is max the skills you usually use to gain the range advantage and lessen tanking the damage.

Light and Robe for the fragile

Bonus stats that you really really need to look for:
lvls (1-59)
For level 60+

NOTE: it is really advisable to use -Requirement armors as your level goes up, it lessens the need to put STR and Dex on your stats. You can allocate the stats on INT instead. (you will be saving 6 STR and 6 DEX points on levels 60-69 if your going to use -10% requirements on all equips:)

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