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Blader: The deadly blade dancer, the fastest dual sword user

“Bladers” are the ones who mastered the “second form of force” that were inherited since Nevareth Exodus. According to the Sage Tower, blader skills originated from a type of martial art that was practiced in an eastern country of the Lost Age. That martial art was discovered and developed during the Honorable Age. With the leadership of the first generation of the 7 sages, the present form of blader skills was established.

Their practice is focused on maximizing physical abilities by using force, and they prioritize striking techniques and fast speed over destructive power. At the beginning, they used various kinds of weapons, but they quickly realized that the best armaments for their skills are dual swords and have settled with them. Since then, they use single- or double-bladed dual swords as their primary weapons and wear light armor such as “Martial Suit Set” from the Huan continent for speed.
Just like the warriors, bladers have very limited understanding in force, thus they mainly practice physical strength and agility more than studying the knowledge of force (intelligence). Well-experienced bladers are said to be able to create multiple doppelgangers by maximizing their agility, and to bring instant death to their enemies by summoning deadly Astral Weapons which are the results of their spiritual awakening in force.
Recommended Item

Armor: Martial Set

Weapon: Katana/Blade

Recommended Distribution of Abilities

Katana: STR 5, INT 1, DEX 6

Blade: STR 6, INT 1, DEX 5


To start ill be giving list of skills, to you to get and not to get so you will have no problems in getting money to buy skills.


* Flash draw - Slash a target with the force of the wind in one breath.
* Impact stab - The most basic fencing skill for swordsmen.
* Stab and slash - Stab a target to confuse its sense of distance.
* Fade step - Quickly run further away from an enemy.

Don’t get Fade step, it only cancels target stat to your enemy. (its useful only to F. Archers)

Don’t upgrade Impact stab and all others, its only a waste of money to cancel them.


* Concentrate - Concentrate one’s mind to increase hit rate.
* Dash - Increase one’s movement speed for a short period of time.
* Double slash - Wield two swords at once.
* Triple slash - Blader’s faster attack.

Max out Concentrate it is useful and Dash also the higher the level the lower the CD (cool down).


When you hit Apprentice 8, get Triple Slash[2]. This will be your real first Filler. Drop Impact Stab for this one.


* Blade force - Increase the damage of a sword by infusing it with mana.
* Death cross - Cross two swords and then stab a target.
* Rising shot - Swing a sword upward to make a target lose its balance.
* Double rising - Attack quickly using dual swords.

Get Blade force make it only level 9 - 12. Drop Flash Draw, and get Double Rising[1 or 2]


If you want death cross you have to drop one skill. Let that be Stab & Slash.


* Storms grind - Hide and attack a target when it comes near the caster.
* Assault - Move fast and accurately slash a target.
* Hasing Dance - Inflict repeated spiral attacks on a target using a sword.
* Iron skin - Increase one’s defense with the force.

Get iron skin[9-12] it increases your def accordingly. Get Hasing dance [9] (the first skill that you will damn loved it), delete double slash for hasing dance.

At Expert 40 get storm grind[9] and drop triple slash skill.

A. Expert

* Mirage step - Increase one’s flee rate by moving quickly.
* Blade aura - Advanced Blade Force.
* Round cut - Attack all of the enemies surrounding the caster at once.
* Mirage grind - A deadly skill that leaves nothing behind when used.

Get mirage step[20], DROP blade force change it to blade aura[20], Get mirage grind (one of the best AoE skills for blader).


Don’t get round cut, its useless all jobs have this one and its not a job skill.


* Twin - moon slash - Twin moons from dual swords that bring death to their target.
* Aura barrier - Increase one’s defense using your aura.
* Vital Interference - Impact a target and interrupt it from taking action.

Twin - moon slash [20] is a long ranged skill for bladers, Drop off the Iron skin for Aura barrier [20] because Aura barrier give greater defense.

Vital interfere is useful when not using combo because it stuns the enemy for 3+ seconds.


When you are now in master you have +3 more skill slots, so you can get more skills.

A. Master

* Blade Cry - Create a shock wave by spinning a sword with might.

Get blade cry [10 - 20] it has the most damage in one blow.


Its better to get Blade cry in level 10 or 12 (i forgot) because the higher the level it goes it will have a higher cool down.


* Blade scud - A merciless sword attack with the driving force of the wind.

Get this because this it the BEST skill ever!!!


Same as blade cry the higher the level the higher the cool down.



* Vitality mastery - Increase the amount of one’s maximum HP by physical training.
* Mana mastery - Increase the amount of one’s maximum Mana through spiritual meditation.

Vitality mastery is a must! Get it in every skill upgrade. Don’t get mana.


* Reflex - Enables its user to increase defense rate.
* Sharp eyes - Enables its user to increase attack. (Simply increase ACCURACY not attack)

Get reflex first and then sharp eyes if you have a free skill slot. Upgrade both.


* Offensive sense - Increase one’s attack strength by practicing the sense of attack.
* Defensive sense - Increase one’s defense by practicing the sense of defense.
* Force control - Increase magic attack strength by practicing force management.

Get Offensive if you want more damage or defensive to have more def. Its up to you to choose but not Force control.


* Change Force (Sword to Magic) - Transfer sword skill experience points to magic skill points
* Change Force (Magic to Sword) - Transfer magic skill experience points to sword skill points


Get Change Force (MAGIC to SWORD) because if you have this you will now not able to level you magic but instead double your exp on skills on sword.


* Impact Control - Increase attack strength by improving hit efficiency.
* Damage Absorb - Increase defense strength by absorbing a certain amount of damage that was dealt to the caster.
* Eyes of Mind - Increase attack rank by using the mind’s eye.
* Sixth Sense - Increase defense rank by fully using your senses.
* Ruling Force - Increase magic attack strength by expanding the force control power.


Get one at a time because it cost a lot!!

Get only what’s best for you. Impact control, Damage absorb, Eyes to mind or Sixth sense.

BUT its better to have Impact control and Sixth sense/Eyes to mind because it is a requisite of a blader to have.

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