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All About The Golems, Where, Why, How, and What

Here is a guide to one of the most famous pets ever in the Yao Jing dossier, the ever reliable golem.

Why golem?

The main reason why most Yao Jings use the trusty golem is because of its tremendous defense. (It’s a golem, duh.) Also, it’s attack is considerably higher than most pet types like wolves, thorns, snakes, and even some types of mutapedes. It has some of the best skills available, (Tough Hide) which allows multiple targeting using the Alt+1 techniques.

The HP,Def,and Atk is almost full.

Where are they?

Here is a compilation of all of the tamable golem-types so far in the game. Enjoy.

Lava Stone Guard
Level 17
Location: Logging Shed

Grotto Crystal
Level 18
Location: Fire Grotto (Human Dungeon)

Golem Fighter —Not-tamable!
Level 30
Location: Heaven-Tear (456,537)

Guardian Golem —Not-tamable!
Level 31
Location: Sky Lake

Golem Stomper
Level 32
Location: Around (527,576)

Machine Crab
Level 40
Location: Jade Beach

Wasteland Warrior
-Need info


NOTE: Upgrading inborn skills can be done through Granny Jinhua at the south-easternmost corner of Dragon City.
Warning, it costs a lot though.

A. Inborn
Raging Strike (?)

Cooldown: 8 sec
Effect: Physical Nuke (140%,155%,170%,185%,200% of base damage)
A very great nuke. Try upgrading this to max if you decide to stick with your golem.

Rising Sand attack (?)

Cooldown: 8 sec
Effect: An earth-nuke. Same as the previous one, only except this is earth-elemental.

Tough Hide

Cooldown: 60 sec
Effect: Raises defense (45% at max level 5)
Max this.

The Wasteland Warrior Found in Disaster Valley, Lv60 seems to have the Onslaught skill.

B. Suggested Skills

Note: You can add skills to your golem at a very costly price.
Level 5 skills can only be taught to Level 80+ pets.
Level 4 skills only to Level 60+ pets and so on.


Lowers physical defense.
cost: 750k


Slows target movement for 6 seconds.
cost: 900k

Piercing Cry

Cancel spells being cast by target. 60~80% chance.
cost: 300k

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