Sunday, September 21, 2008

IPhone not just a toy

I decided to write this article regarding my iPhone, and guess what? It is not just a small thing, the phone is on the march. Even afraid of blackberry iPhone, the latest news is that a pause in the business sector. BlackBerry to be afraid, that has little whenever they need or want. And no, I am not affliated with Apple Inc.

There are many applications that make my life easier. But this is a blog about Tech. How can a coin with the iPhone. There are two ways. Applications and websites dedicated to the iPhone. There was a story of how a game maker did a million dollars from a game that took him to one day (sorry can not copy / paste in the iPhone). Actually make a request Preety is easy with the SDK package from Apple. It's just a matter that requires a Macintosh.

Websites are a great idea, and it has a huge market and dedicated. One idea is an iPhone game review. Even something like YouTube alternal might work if you want to go farther than it could reach more ideas. An idea that comes to mind is what does the 60% of the population and monitoring are on 38%. Pornographery. It is a huge market and has a large user base iphone.

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