Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Googel and Gogle is Google? Googol Huuuh?

What the heck is Googel? Have you ever heard of Gogle? In most cases you must have arrived here when you typed in the word “Gogle” or “Googel” or “Googol“. It will be safe to assume that you are looking for the world’s 4th most visited site Google, well according to Alexa anyway =D

This is a keyword was discovered and shared by Eli. Googel word makes no sense but doing a deeper (naks...) search for shows that it is also the name of a Sesame Street television character (remember Sesame Street?).

So many people are making these typos, that I've also found a site dedicated on typos like these: google, googel, googol and gogle. This site is ranked 600,000 by alexa therefore giving us the notion that it's getting it's share of the traffic.

Hey, people are just people...and some or most of us are really fond of writing about typos lol, to give you an idea there is even a goole that lacks the letter “G”. googl lacks the letter “E”. boggle, the letter “B” is found below the letter “G” in your keyboard. gooogle is a domain redirected to google.com. googol is for non-english speaking searchers. Here are other common typos aside from Googel, Gogle and Googol:

* googlr
* goolge
* googal
* boogle
* bogel
* googgle
* ggogle
* gogol
* gobble
* vogel
* goold
* oogle
* gooe
* goggel
* giggle
* googe
* goolgle
* boole
* gogel
* gogole
* toggle
* googole
* googie
* gogos
* gooole
* gooya
* toogle
* foogle
* poogle
* bogle
* gogal
* googlw
* gppgle
* gooble
* googoo
* fogle
* googlle
* googile
* goble
* gogool
* goofle
* gloogle
* ggoogle

Whew...that's a lot =D

Googel is a typo of Google. Gogle, who knows =D but still is a typo of google and Googol is the most common typo of non-english searchers when they search for google.

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