Friday, October 6, 2006

Some Notes for Blogger Calendar

Calendar for Blogger

In order to place a calendar in his blog of blogger follows the following steps:

1) Between heads of his blog goes to stick the following pieces of code:

2) Look for in his template where it says and it changes by:

3) Now it looks for in his template where it wants to place his calendar and it sticks east code:

4) Now template looks for the section of his where they are left the archives, this section must contain these codes: and reemplaze those codes by:

5) Keep and you publish his blog and you go to “Settings” >> “Archiving” >> “It files Frequency” and it selects the option of “Daily” and keeps.

Finally “Formatting” must go again to “Settings” >> >> “Files Index Date Format” and cambielo to “2005-00-00”, also hágalo in the option of “Dates Header Format”, cambielo to “2005-00-00”, keeps and publishes his blog. To see Calendar!

The calendar style that will be is not he himself who time in this blog, to change the style looks for forward edge of the code and changes clear.css by:

clear.css (daleclick)

Note: This calendar leaves from hosting shared, therefore it can that at some time lets work due to the amount of broadband that is consumed during the month or that is put slow if it is that many people install he himself in his blog. In order to avoid this you can install your calendar in hosting deprived, aside, since I did, of that hosting is that she divides the calendar who am in this blog and all those that decide to install it with the mentioned instructions previously. In order to do this by his account, in his own hosting he will have to follow other steps more and instructions a little detailed but nonimpossible. Ecmanaut explains to you like doing it.

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