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Power Brawler Guide

Power Brawler Guide

I.Pros and Cons
II.Skill Build

I. Pros and Cons
1. lkas damage
2. laki hp
1. low defense
2. low accuracy
3. lkas umubos ng pots(MP), minsan SP pti narin HP
II. Skill Build
a. Side Kick:lvl 4-> req. for Spinning Kick
b. Spinning Kick: lvl 4-> req. for Chain Kick and other skills
c. Concentration:(optional)-> to boost your accuracy
d. Chain Kick: lvl 2->req. for Sonic Slash
e. Sonic Slash: lvl 3->req. for makaze kick and other skills
f. Power Kick: Master->d best 2,khit consume xa ng HP,MP,SP..boosts attack by 45% when mastered
g. Agi boost: lvl 4->magandang segunda pagkatapos ng mlkas n bwas ng isang skill (^^,
h. Elevate Kick: lvl 4-> ung prng nag be-break dance...lkas din 2
i. Tornado Kick: lvl 4->according 2 source
j. Makaze Kick: Master->OUCH 2 pag may natamaan.. (^^,
k. Ankle Crush: no idea yet
l. Upper Jab: no idea yet
m. Rays Cyclone: no idea yet(wala pa nga i2 sa skill window eh)
n. Fist Mastery: Master->kelangan tlga yan...(dagdag damage din yan)
III. Equips
lvl 77 below: dpat ung mga NPC lng muna blin nyo kc blis kyo mag plit ng armors eh
77 above: dyan n kyo mag buying ng mga dynamic/enhanced brwler set(khit anong letter pero pag 77 lvl D)
kc mag matagal-tagal mo rin susuotin yan eh bago mo pa maabot ung lvl req. sa mercenary set
98 above: pde na kyo pag mercenary set d2 eh(xempre lvl D prin un..^^,)
pdeng 2pcs. alloy rings[lv. 30] or 80 or 120 OR 180..(^^,
mas ok kung 2pcs. shenmo rings...(may kamahalan nga lng,pero kung mapera ka, pitik lng yan sau yan^^,)
bhala kau kung gus2 nyo EP weapon(+7 heavy gaunts) or elec/ice(pro mas maganda kung elec,
kc gawain ko pag nkaelec na ung ka-duel ko, tadtaran ko n ng maraming sipa...hehehe)
IV. Comment
Lkas tlga pow brwler, lalo na pag my makaze kick + pow kick = 1/4 nlng matitira sa HP ng ka-duel mo(sometyms 1 shot lng dedz na)
un nga lng, bad experience ko lng d2 is mahirap mag hanap ng party ang pow type brwler lalo na pag low lvl k plng..
muntik n nga aq mag quit dhil dyan eh..d ko lng tlga matiis char ko..(^^, another bad experience is ung damage na tumatama
sau, as in OUCH!!! ung bawas skin ng Mummy sa Leo 100+ eh(nung mga 67 ata aq nun)kya my baon aqng 90 pcs HP pots eh (^^,
pero sulit nmn pag lumakas na..^^,

NOTE: this guide is not finished yet, pde nyo sabihin kung anong mali ko...
post nyo nlng at i-eedit ko nlng post ko..(^^,
about dun sa mga hindi ko pa cgurado(specially skills),
sana may mag correct(MGA IDOL NA POW BRAWLER SANA I-TAMA I2).

==== EDIT ======

Twice na ako nag reset ng skills ko.. Mahirap tlaga ang pow brawler sa umpisa. In the beginning kailangan mong imaster and spinning kick. This is your bread and butter kc pang mob skill cya. You do not need concentration and agility boost sayang ang skill points. Get sonic kick tulong na rin yon kc lakas din the damage non. dont get power kick yet.
Reserve ka ng enough skill points para mamaster ang elevated kick, then put around 5 skill points sa power kick. Pag may elevated kick ka na, madali na lang pumatay ng monsters. take note that elevated kick has a 360 degrees range (break dancer ka na). Malakas ka na maglure pag may elevated kick ka.
To continue, palevel ka lang.. carpark.. sa leo.. Master tornado kick. Pagdating mo ng level 107, advisable na magreset ka ng skills. so far, master mo ang makaze, tornado, elevated at power kick. Put enough skill points sa iba. sa etc naman, kumpetuhin mo na ang fist mastery, its your choice to master evasion. Pagtapos mong magreset ng skills, you have enough skill points to lear ankle crush and upper jab.
Pow brawler, pots power ka din.. lalo sa MP.. madalas akong nagdadala ng 150 medium MP.


A power brawlers' mob control skills is dominant at level 87 (agi boost and elevate kick) though spinning kick can be attained at level 27, its only 1 skill but good mob control (hitting over 9 targets when mastered) added with the buff of a power kick skill (attainable at level 77). It seems like a long trek but you have a party when you mob so its best to just hit once with a spinning kick added the buff of a power kick skill. It goes well, trust me. And when you reach 87 and above.. RIDER KICK!!!!

Indeed high level dex brawlers have good defense and evasion but even though they have that, the accuracy rating of a power brawlers weapon minimizes their evasion chance. Also concentration skill can make a power brawler miss less. This skill is good for dueling and PK purposes though if you are up to the roleplaying element of the game, its better not to master this skill. I didn't place any skill points in concentration and I can still hit them with my kicks in duels(against higher level dex builds,10-20 levels higher than mine... except archers of course, they are evasion queens hehehe!).

Thats right, power brawler's weapons are really EXPENSIVE!!! Now why is that? based on RAN population, dex brawlers are really the majority so when you buy at the market, expect to see higher priced weapons (with consideration of -RV'ed items but... sometimes thats not the case).

Tip: As of now, I've only seen the mastered versions of the skills with their chance of push/pull (also known as cancelation rate):

Level 1-7:
- Heavy Punch (66%) --> WOW!!!
- Side Kick (58%)

Level 27:
- Spinning Kick (18%)

Level 47:
- Chain Kick (10%)

Level 67:
- Sonic Slash (10%)

And now maybe you're wondering why I mastered the skills? Just to see their pull/push chance of success. And the highest there is Heavy Punch (66% chance of pull/push WOW!!! dex types are really good at cancelling) and Side Kick (58% chance pull/push).

So in dueling, you want to cancel attacks of opponents right? And if you're still at lower levels, use the highest push/pull chance skills AND.. take note AND the skills with the fastest execution frame.

----------------------------------------------combo here-----------------------------------------------------------------

Preferred combo for a power brawler (lower level 67 less): THIS IS A THREE SKILL STRING COMBO to be repeated simultaneously if the opponent is still alive.

By the way this is a tip and may not work always based on the circumstance, but its best to try it:

1) Side Kick / Sonic Slash - Side kick for cancelation, Sonic Slash if you think the HP of your opponent can be dealt with one shot kick. OR use Heavy Punch if you're POW - DEX type.

2) Chain Kick - Good follow up after Side Kick or Sonic Slash. IF and only IF you see the animation rate of your opponent attacking you with a skill (happens when you have electricity/lightning type of weapons OR you really have good eyes hehehe!) use Side kick OR Sonic Slash either skill which you have'nt used yet (remember there is a cooldown time for skills). Also why chain kick? this is best to add chances of successfully landing an elemental attack (to either slow or damage the opponent more).

3) Then you can use a normal attack (no skills) OR if your Side kick has cooled down, use it.

Now whats number four? You think this was a three hit skill?

4) Spinning kick - This is suicidal, very slow execution time but you can use this as an optional combo finisher. If the opponent has low HP and is slowed (elec or ice) use this skill. Not only does it show a cool animation frame (RIDER KICK!!!) it also good for style points hehehehe!

Remember this combo does not always succeed however chances of success based from my playing level with opponents higher (77-90) than me when I was level 67, the combo worked almost 50% of the time hehehe!


By the way for higher level power brawlers out there, please place your combos on this thread. Or other suggestions please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Though I think a starter for their combo is either agility boost or makaze kick. based on my observation... please correct or clarify.

Thanks RAN community.

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