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Gang Information Guide

Gang Information Guide
By: Jeremiah

How to make a gang:

-Be at lvl 30 or up
-Have 1,000,000 Gold in your inventory
-Go to your respective "Student Director" And talk to him

How to make an Emblem for your gang:

-Use an image editor like Adobe, Corel or MS Paint
-The workspace or file size should be 16w x 11h Pixels
-Make your desired logo or badge
-Now save it in .tga or .bmp format
-It should be placed in your My Documents Folder

How to Upload your gang emblem:

-Only the Gang Leader or Senior Officers with badge powers can do this
-Click on Badge
-Type in your Logo/Badge filename ie: Logo.tga or Logo.bmp

Gang Upgrading:

E - 1M - 15 Max Members
D - 2M - 20 MAx Members
C - 3.5M - 30 Max Members
B - 5M - 40 Max Members
A - 7M - 50 Max Members

Assigning Senior Officers:

For Gang Leaders only

Click on the Assist Senior button
Located at the lower portion of the gang menu.

What they do:

Authentication - Used during Club Wars (Cd Authentication) Can only assign 1
Badge - Can upload or change the bagde
Expell - Can kick members
Recruit - Can recruit Members
Notice - Can change the notice

How to Recruit Members:

-Gang Leader or Senior officer with recruit powers can do this
-Shift Click on Potential Member
-If he or she accepts you have a new member

How to Expell Members:
-Gang Leader or Senior Officer with Expell powers can do this
-Press G to open gang menu
-On the members tab, click on the desired member to kick
-On the lower part of the menu press expell

Other Info:
-Guild Leaders who duel with other Guild Leaders initiate a Guild Battle
-All members in the area of the opposite guild will turn red
-Losing Guild gets -5 Life Points
-Only Guild Members can participate in a Guild Battle and Club Wars
-Pressing G opens the Guild or Gang Menu
-Guild Chat is %
-Only Lvl A Gangs can Perform an Alliance with another Guild

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