Thursday, September 21, 2006

For my former co-workers in Globe...

Something I would have sent before going off to a new rat race..hehhe

Hey all,

I'll be leaving Globe Telecom soon and it is sad for me because I have really enjoyed my time here. I will miss a lot of people here that have become good friends. I could mention names but I think (hope) you know who you are.

I'm writing this email from the window sill outside of my cubical because someone liked me so much that they felt it necessary to grab my chair before it got cold (It's probably an "in memory of" type of thing). But I know they will miss me as much as I will miss them. (there goes my monitor now) I know it's tough to keep in touch (well, my favorite pen is gone now) but (oops, now my power strip is making it's way to another cube) I hope we cross paths again in the future. (I really didn't need that calendar anymore). I'm leaving because it's time to go back home. (Pardon me, If I drop off before I finish this email, it's because someone took my laptop power supply yesterday and my battery is getting low) Thank you all, for the times you have helped me out when I needed it. (There goes my coffee cup, and stapler). And I sure hope I help each of you in some small way while I was here. (I don't understand why nobody is taking any of my Steeler stuff)

I sincerely wish everyone at Globe Telecom the best and may we meet again

I hate good bye mel

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