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This are some detail of mission hope it will be useful for all of the ran player
if I have anything detail that is wrong please correct me

Reclying book 2-mission master zheng
hit skating master to get the book
stage drop:D lvl shirt +2
about the key-mission cleaner TH
go to talk to cleaner then hit loose halogen
stage drop-will can go into carpark
get two ring lvl 80
(forget what ring)
Recyling book 3-mission master zheng
(must complete reclying book 2 first)
Hit hodel to get the book
Stage drop-lvl 90 coat and lvl 91 pant +2
Lvl 86 or 88
Leonine nurse mission
(get it automactic when ur lvl get into 86 or 88 i forgot edi)
go to leonine B1 hit head nurse
ps/the mission detail will write go to leonine 1F
but it is wrong u must go to leonine B1
go back to the nurse at 1F
to completem mission
Stage Drop-get lux pro pot and v.burr
Reclying book 4 -mission master zheng
(must complete recyling book 3 first)
hit Freezing clown to get book
Stage Drop-lvl 90/91 shirt +2
Mission Auto (lvl 97)

Prerequisite : Elevator Quest (Leo B2)

You will get this quest the moment you step to Basement 2 of Leonare

kill traper plant in b2

stage drop- 10th Spiritual Bead
mission cleaner TH
hit golf bomber

Stage drop-one rosary ?+2? sp recover-0.02%
lvl 80 silver ring
lvl 105/106 (forget jor)
mission master zheng
(must complete reclying book4)
hit wrestler if i dun forget
Stage Drop-exp 10000
11spirit bead
mission auto (will geti it when u 110)
Go to Wharft passage
hit Fisherman
Hit gas Techinian
Hit Storege guardian
talk to the focious folk at bus stop wharft passage
Stage Drop-some exp
mission truck driver wharft passage
Hit Loose halogen to get the key
Stage Drop-some exp
-----After mission complete------------------
Get another mission from truck driver
hit fisher man
Stage drop-some exp
--------After mission complete----------------
take another mission from truck driver
follow the detail
Stage drop-some exp
---------After mission complete-------
go to take another mission from focoius folk at bus stop
follow the detail
Stage drop-skill pt 3 pt
--------After mission complete-------
go to take another mission from focious folk
follow the detail
Stage Drop-some exp
--------After mission complete-------
go to take another mission from focious folk
follow the detail
Stage Drop-some exp

--------After mission complete-------
go to take another mission from focious folk
this is a quest about the green base
cant do now bcoz cant in there
need to hit bunny girl at Green Secret Spot 3rd floor

LVl 115

Collect Battons Quest
go to the saintguard npc (warf area near Hang Out Entrance) to obtain the quest
-collect 8 special stick from sacred gate defenders
-return to Saint Guard NPC
Stage Drop - get +4 lvl115 Drifter/Mercenary/Assasin/Ritual set
Lvl 116
trading hole cleaner mission
go to the trading hole cleaner to take mission
sry i forget about the detail edi
Stage DRop-get 12 spiritual bead
LVL 117
wharft passage police mission
when u lvl 117 go to take mission from the police at the wharft passage
the mission is kill violent baldie
u can find the violent baldie at wharft passage
(keep ur weapon when running at wharft if u dunt want attack by bandit)
kill the violent baldie that hv tatoo at his hand
Stage Drop-can go in green spot 1F
AngBeeL.an will give u 3 ms all at lvl 132
1st test
Time allow: 30 min
kill shadow crow, werewolf, freezing halogen, cordy to get quest item
reward: 2 skill point & 1 ability point
2nd test
Time allow: 15 min
kill freezing clown to get quest item
reward: 2 skill point & 50k exp
3rd test
Time allow: 10 min
kill 10 hun baldies
reward: +7 spartial rossary & 90k exp

117 lvl quest that allows u to enters the green secret spot when u complete
After you got the ms from police,
1. talk to trading hole police
2. "talk" to the authentication machine beside the wharf pasaage police

Lvl 119 - Auto get ms (Achieving Level 120) - Requires u to achieve lvl 120 and once lvl 120, u need to kill 5 violent baldies and 1 bandit. Requital - 30k exp.
Lvl 120 - Search for the missing key (Get the MS from 1 of the NPC at wharf near the entrance to Green Base) - Requires you to kill violent baldies and get 5 keys. Not all baldies will drop the key. Requital - Can enter green base 2f and u will get a lvl 120 Jade Ring +1

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