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The Power Shaman Info

The Power Shaman
(In pursuit of the perfect balance between Qui and the Body)

I. Introduction
(taken from malaysian website with a little editing)

The fusion between martial arts and Qi- the energy that flows through and around the human body, physically and psychically- is a difficult idea to comprehend for outsiders to the practice of QiGong, but for those who have made it their life’s work, this much they know: one cannot exist without the other. They believe that the most powerful martial arts are driven by deep-seated spirituality. Armed with this knowledge, they have succesfully managed to twist the bounderies between the mind and the body. They are able to combine Qui and the most horrific forms of martial arts enabling them to do explosive damages to the the unwary that can even rival those who practice brawling and swordsmanship. However, they have only average defense capabilities and low endurance.

II. The Basic Skill Build

NOTE: This is the basic skill build. You can put skill points on the skills that are optional if you have skill points left. As you can see, high leveled skills are only the ones that are fully maxed because these are the skills you would be using most of the time at higher levels(they hurt like b!tch in PK and has a large AoA range). If however you could not live without learning the optional skills, you can also spend skill points on them then just use an oblivion potion at higher levels. Have fun mix-matching the skills of your shaman. Pick the skills that you think suit to your playing style. Remember this is only a hint skill build.

III. Stat Build

A. The Offense-HP Freak Build
Strength: 400
Vitality: dump the rest of the stat points here..

Comment: This build has nice offense to begin with. Players have the option to add more strength that will suit their playing style. This build primarily utilizes the skill Gift of Life enabling shamans to reach insane amounts of hp.

B. The Power-Intelligence Build
Strength: 350~400
Intelligence: just enough amount of int to get sacrificial ritual and fortify..
Vitality: dump the rest of the stat points here..

Comment: This build also has nice offense. This build has lower hp but a little bit higher defense because of Fortify and is self sufficient healer because of Sacrificial Ritual.

C. The Defensive Hybrid Build
Strength: 300~350
Vitality: equally distribute with dexterity
Dexterity: equally distribute with vitality

Comment: This build has lower offense but has higher on survivability espescially with over-up armors. It has nice amount of HP and a decent amount of defense(with fortify).

(This guide isn't complete yet.. Suggestions, comments and reactions are welcome to rectify some inaccurate info in the guide..)

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