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Pow Swordsman Guide

Pow Swordsman Guide:
Power type swordsman, they possess skills that specializes in damaging. Pow swordsman well known as the class who always wanted to have a duel or being habbited to live in pk. By utilizing their skills they inflicts a very high damage that can surely make the enemy outcold. Primarily used in a party as "lurer and killer" even they have not enough defence they can lure like others with high defence because of high HP. The cooldown of their skills is fast just like dex swordsman does. Their skills are good for PK and dueling. When i heard of their skill vacuum slash i always smile and saying (vacuum? ung inaalis lahat ng kalat na makita) (^____^)V. Enough for that let's focus on the guide.

They deal with a very high damage
They have a high HP
They have fast cooldown of skills

Their DEF is based on their equipments

X Strike
Dual Slash - (X Strike lvl3)
Kick Slash - (X Strike lvl3)
Blood Lust - (Kick Slash)
Jumping Slash - (Dual Slash lvl2)
Critical Slash - (X Strike lvl5)
Hurricane Slash - (Kick Slash lvl3)
Fury - (Blood Lust lvl3)
Vacuum Slash - (Hurricane Slash lvl2)
Tornado Slash - (Hurricane Slash lvl2)

what to do:
Divine Shield - Master
X Strike - lvl5
Kick Slash - Master
Blood Lust - Master
Critical Slash - Master
Hurricane Slash - Master
Fury - Master
Vacuum Slash - Master

Bagua Blade - POW 189
Broad Blade - POW 217
Giant Blade - POW 267
JiuHun Blade - POW 295
Slayer Blade - POW 311
Iron Blade - POW 341

where to level?
1 - 30
Inside the Campus
31 - 62
Mystic Peak, Sacred Gate, and Phoenix hole
63 - 73
Sacred Gate hole, Leonine Campus
74 - 85
Trading Hole, Leonine Campus
Carpark 1-2, Leonine Campus 1F-2F
higher level
Leonine Campus B1, Wharf

NOTE: This guide isn't completed yet. violent reactions and suggestions are welcome and if you notice something wrong or if you can add some information about pow swordsman. you can post at this thread and help me to help other pow swordsmans

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