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Newbie guide to dex swordsman

Newbie guide to dex swordsman

I. Pros & Cons

-High Defense(high defense is the best during boss hunts)
-Strong lvl 87 up skills
-High HP
-fast damages
-good "canceller" during duels
-Low attack damage compared to int and pow type swordsmen
-Very Weak low lvl skills (sword stab,multislash,lightning slash)
-hard to find weapons(elementals)
-hard to lvl up during solo mode
-takes lot of SP during normal and skill attacks
High defense and High HP is the best during boss hunts,party levelling,mobbing,luring, and sometimes PKing.
But due to the primary stat,which is dex, the attack dmg of a dex swordsman mostly depends on his weapon,
bonus stat points, and status buffs.
II. Skill Build
if you are going to create a dex swordsman, you may think of it as a Tanker.yup, dex swordsmen's role is to take up the damage of monsters during levelling and boss hunting.Also, dex swordsmen are very good in duels based from my experience(because of its quick skill casting and cooldown).Due to dex swordsmen's low damage, some dex type swordsmen chose to be a hybrid(a cross of int-dex).but the only skill you need to get from the int skill tree is Metal Body(metal body highly increases defense and provides resistance to Elec and ice properties).

Sword stab lvl 4
Multi slash lvl 0
Sword Mastery lvl 9
Lightning Slash lvl 2
Sword Explosion lvl 9
Sunken Strike lvl 9
Explosive Strike lvl 9
Blade Mastery lvl 9
Divine Shield lvl 9 (divine shield is needed since int naturally goes up. you should be able to master it by
lvl 90 sumthing)
When it comes to equipment,
for me you should provide a nice set of vagrant armors.+7-9 rv enhanced or dynamic will do the trick.
if you will buy a kendo set and a shogun set, it will be a waste of gold. why? because the common lvl that players are stuck with is during lvl 80 above. Plus, shogun armors are available from Zheng's Quest in Trading Hole. The weapons are not much to be a priority since the primary objective of a dex swordsman is to be tough and hard. You should get Strong weapons when you have acheved lvl97 up because Sunken strike is a powerful skill that dex swordsmen have.
although this is a nonsense guide, i think this is my contribution to ran online phil. because i have enjoyed it very well.pero sa huli nasa player parin yan. mas mablis ung casting,mas mablis ung bawas. yan ang katangian ng dex swordsman. mas malakas sa boss hunt kasi biruin mo lvl 50+ kaya nang itanke si ds jr.(pots power). sa pk nmn, mahirap patumbahin ang dex kasi may katiting na buhay na mattra tlga. hay,sana kht papano may naintindihan or na22nan kau d2.isa pa, ang dex pang lure,pang pk,pang boss hunt. all around talaga. kaya kung ikukumpara mo ang dex sa int, mas matigas ang dex dahil kunat natural ang dex.
hanggang d2 nlng ang guide sana tlga may na22nan kau kht papano.T_T

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