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INT Archer Guide

INT Archer Guide


INT Archers:

Ever wonder why are there INT Archers? I've also questioned that myself, the first time I saw an INT Archer in-game (meltskie). I guess it would be a silly question to ask the GMs about this, so I've came up with the hypothesis, that every warrior born, or raised, was disciplined to master the art of war. A warrior is conditioned of course, to kill, to slay, to destroy, to win, and to be the one. But what makes a good warrior? A warrior needs not only Power, Dexterity, Vitality, Stamina. What makes a warrior win a fight is his discipline to understand, the foe, the enemy, the art of war. One cannot only win by force alone, but also with the mind. An army loses when a genereal calculated that his men might make it by 95%, what more of a general who does not calculate at all? (got this from The Art of War, pero not exactly this,more on the idea) Thus, the INT ARCHER surfaced (go meltskie! lolz). *this is for the introduction sake, don't take it too seriously, you might kill someone tonight. ><

Dex are great, actually, it is so great that it became the fundamental of all Archers. But, let's defy it now. Let's go the unusual. let's go INT. Come one, come all. =)

Basic Skill Build (for the serious INT Archers):

Name of Skill Level myComment

Shockwave: 4
Sacrifice: Master
Energy Arrow: 0 (though you might want to get this, to do DAMAGE, from lvl 27-47, nakakaboring minsan kung puro shockwave lng ><)
Eagle's Sight: 0 (I'm still considering this one, but for the moment, save skill points)
Vampiric Arrow: 1 (pre-req of Burst Fire *I love this skill ^^)
Burst Fire: 4 (pre-req of Soul Arrow *Yeah! bring 'em on!)
Soul Arrow: 2 (pre-req of Gaia's Blessing *Duel Duel muna ><)
Gaia's Blessing: 2 (pre-req of Force of Illusion *wow! ganda effect!)
Force of Gaia 1 (*this is actually not a pre-req to any skill later, though you might want to get this, bec. the next skill is at 117, hits 4 targets, and does hurting damage, so why not? =)
Force of Illusion 1 (Yeah yeah bonel! haha!)
Heaven's Judgement Master (I'm not yet there. hahaha, though it sounds so much pain, and it sounds like Tifa's Final Limit Break in FF7? not so sure. I'll update this when I get there. ><)

Range Mastery: Master (Hmmmm.... yum yum)
Focus: [x_x] (this is up to you, minsan naman kaya mo na gawin sa sarili mo at di na depende sa guide. hehehe.)

Kawasu: [x_x] (You may want to master this in later levels, im ean later, as in 120+ i think. Just wait for your dex to reach its requirement. Though it is all up to you. Kawasu gives Evasion. You decide.)

** Experiment guys! Don't always believe in anything written, book namin dati may error eh. hehe!

Stat Build

Stapler Stat Build (for those who would like to get the popular bow, Lite Sage Bow, ung parang stapler. ^^)

Int: 439
Vit: pde ka mag adik sa VIT after mo makuha ung stapler ><

Full blown INT up to 439, that then, you may want to distribute the remaining stats elsewhere. You may want to consider VIT. It's all up to you. You can also get Kawasu, I believe that at lvl 120+ your dex will rich the requirement for Kawasu.

Lurer-Nuker Stat Build (for those who wanna be a dex at the same time ><>

Int: 350 (for the skill Heaven's Judgement)
Dex: add evenly with VIT (for added defense)
Vit: add evenly with DEX (for more HP, of course ><)

Get Kawasu Skill, you've gone DEX bkt di mo pa imaster ito. dba dba.

So at lvl 127, you are an ultimate nuker, and a great lurer at the same time. They say everyone can lure as long as their items are over ups. I doubt. Cge nga luran mo ako sa HO 3 ng atleast 4, pure INT Archer ah. >< *sa tingin ko ito ung makatarungang build.

Int-Pow Stat Build (for those who are megalomaniac or ung gahaman lang tlga sa damage!)

Int: 350 (for the skill Heaven's Judgement)
Pow: 100+ (Haven't done the calculation yet kaya + muna)
Vit: add reasonable amount

Master Bow Mastery. That then boosted na damage mo sa Sacrifice plng, add mo pa Bow Mastery, KAPOW! Step down, step down, you're no Jesus. Step down! haha. ><

Int-Stm Stat Build:

ano ito lokohan? ><>

Duel Guide

against DEX Archers: (greatest rival ng INT Archer. I think ^^)

lvl 20 ~ 77
Owning ang INT Archers sa DEX Archers sa early levels, I mean early, ala pa Triple Shot. Some may use Arrow Storm, big disadvantage agad sakanila yan, since mejo matagal casting time nun. Soul > Vampiric > Soul. Ayan lang circulation ng skills mo. Though pag experienced DEX Archer kalaban mo, spam lng nila ung first skill nila, kasi baba casting time nun, which in turn may cancel you. Masakit ma-cancel sa duel ><>

lvl 87

Beware, since they already have one of their sturdy skills, try to cancel them first, if they use to start the duel with their lvl 87 skill, try normal attack, I don't know, hirap magcancel ang mga INT skills, or do they really cancel? I dunno. Then go instinct after, promise, tricky na ang laban pag lvl 87 na DEX Archer kalaban mo. ><>

lvl 107

Hmm... The higher the DEX Archer gets the harder it is to beat him/her on a duel. At lvl 107 they already have their Star Fall, which is masakit, big time. Then they'll finish you up with their lvl 97 skill. Most likely 2 hits ka lng, so the chances of winning is mababa na, lalo na mataas nadin def nila ><>

against POW Archers:

Hmm... quickness lang ang trick against POW Archers. Just always go wild with your skills against POW Archers. Tendency kasi gamitin nya agad Kick Shot skill so, hurt him/her first, then go instinct. Lakas din sila mag cancel ng skill so, good luck to your future. hehe!

---- End of guide ----

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