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:: Full Support Shaman Guide ::

:: Full Support Shaman Guide ::

I. Introduction

I usually don't post in forums (This is actually my first) but because of the jumbled up topics in this forum I thought of making my own compilation of the posts in this forum.
My very own character in RAN is also a shaman that I aspire to be a full support type.
So... on with the topic...

II. Stat Build

Levels 1-100 :
This is easy :P because all you need to do is pump up all those stats to INT or in your skill window: SPI so that you could get all the skills needed by an FS without worrying about the required stat points.

Levels 101-... :
Upon reaching this level bracket you should allocate your remaining stat points to POW(power) or STR(strength) to get the skill Gift of Life. (This is found at the POW skills tab in your skill window).

Levels ...-... : (NOTE: Sorry I don't know the exact level to master the skill: Gift of Life)
Upon getting at least 160 POW to master the Gift of Life skill, pump up your VIT(vitality) next to boost up your HP(hit points) more. VIT boosts up your HP by 3 every point(a 1:3 ratio).
Imagine this: 100VIT = 300HP nice :)
DEX(dexterity) only boosts up your DEF(defense) by 1 by 10 DEX(a 10:1 ratio) so it only pumps up your DEF only a little bit. Imagine this: 100DEX = 10DEF not rewarding isn't it?

III. Skill Build

(NOTE: This is the part where I scavenged almost every post to get reliable data XP .)

Level 1-76:
  • Vampiric Attack - Level 3
  • Breath of Life - Level 4 (Self-heal, can recover HP on items)
  • Sacrificial Ritual - Level 3 (Serves as a prerequisite for your Heaven's Treatment skill)
  • Inspire - Level 2
  • Fortify - Master at level 10 (Gives 10% DEF, results are best seen on high DEF characters)
  • Arcane Recovery - NA (MP or mana point regenerator, can recover MP on items)
  • Enchaned Vampiric Attack - NA (Spear Guardian is better)
  • Revitalize - Level 7 (Prevents Poison at level 7 no need to master)
  • Haste - NA
  • Heaven's Treatment - Master at level 10 (Party heal, a must have)

Level 77-107:
  • Confusion Strike - Master at level 10 (Boosts evasiveness, a must have)
  • Haste - Level 3 (Prerequisite for Massive Haste)
  • Massive Haste - Master at level 10 (For escaping or chasing opponents)
  • Berserk Aura - Master at level 10 (Faster attack speed

Level 108-147:
  • Inspire - Level 4 (Fast SP or skill point regeneration at Level 4 no need to recast over and over)
  • Magma Explosion - Level 1 (1000DMG or damage on mobs)
  • Resurrection - Master at level 1 (Player still lose EXP or experience)
  • Spear Guardian's Wrath - Master at level 10 (Attack skill)
  • Gift of Life - Master at level 10 (Get from the POW tab at your skill window)
  • Paralyzed - NA (No damage only makes your opponent immobile get at your own desire)

IV. Tips and Tricks

Leveling a pure FS shaman is a great pain and requires big amounts of patience.
When you are havig a hard time, you can do these tips:
    1. Have other players tank you. (a friend's help is also nice)

    2. Add skills on your ATTACK tab on your skill window. Then, use Oblivion A potions afterwards.

V. Disclaimer

All of these information are acquired by browsing in posts at the Philippine RAN forums and english Malaysian RAN forums.
All suggestions, scrutinizations and comments are all accepted.
Painstakingly corrected spelling errors. Comment if any still remain.
Might still edit this guide for it to be eye entertaining but I'm tired so I only got to place green colors. :P
Might also add picture clips of skills for added info and judgement.
I wish the GM's to pin this so that the other newbies would not have a hard time finding this. Thanks in advance. :)

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