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Boss Hunting FAQ/Guide

Boss Hunting FAQ/Guide


Who are the Bosses that Spawn in the game?


Darkswordsman Jr. - A small version of Ds
Ethereal Fist - A pow brawler skill based character
Darkswordsman - A pow swordsman skill based character
Ninja Knife - A dex swordsman skill based character
Cruel Jupiter - A int brawler skill based character


General Information


All bosses can be found on All Servers, and All Channels
So to sum it all up

Per Server there are 33 Bosses

15 Darkswordsman Jr.
9 Ethreal Fist
3 Darkswordsman
3 Ninja Knife
3 Cruel Jupiter

Here are some items that can only be acquired from bosses

- ShenMo Rings (Around 550k Market Price)
- Shadow Staff (Around 2M Market Price)
- Light Mechanical Sword (Around 1.5M Market Price)
- Light Frosted Sabre Sword (Around 3M Market Price)
- Seven Star Gauntlets (Around 1.2M Market Price)
- IN Bow (Forgot the name)
- Lvl 185 Armors

What items to bring when hunting

- HP / MP / SP Pots
- Your best armor
- Electric / Ice based weapons to slow them down
- Pow Up Helps alot


How to Hunt Bosses


There are a few ways to hunt bosses throughout the game.

Party Based:

- Fast Kill
- Less Pots that will be used

- The chances of you getting the item is slim, especially if it's a party of 8
- Can wreak havoc and confusion when hunting bosses. Or simply put UNORGANIZED

Gang Based:

- Fast Kill
- Less Pots
- Organized if planned well
- Can ask for item if it is for your build
- Can locate bosses in less amount of time

- Sharing of Items Like ShenMo Rings can be hard.


- My recommended way, go with a hunting buddy
- Organized
- Can easily share loots

- Difficulty in finding bosses because of the lack of people
- Hoarding of items if same character class


- All loots are yours

- Consumes pots
- If Ks'd by a party they will get the loot
- Hard to locate bosses
- Longer time to kill


Boss Information / Strategy


Darkswordsman Jr.

HP: ???
Location: MP Campus/Hole, PHNX Campus/Hole, SG Campus
Skills: X-Strike, Dual Slash, Kick Slash, Jumping Slash
Respawn Time: Around 1hr Real Time


Simple one really. Just have a HP of about 400 and your good to go. He's really slow on attacking so his skills
tend to get cancelled easily.

Ethreal Fist

HP: ???
Location: MP Hole, PHNX Hole, SG Hole
Respawn Time: Around 2hrs Real Time


One strategy is to have an HP of above 800+ because if he hits critical he dishes out that amount of dmg,
you wouldn't want to get kill by 1 hit do you? S

o hunt him if ur HP is above that mark for the tanker of course.
A must for hunting this boss is to preferably have an electric based weapon, doesn't matter if it's weaker than
the one your using as long as it's electric. It grealty slows him down, which makes you use less pots.


HP: ???
Location: SG Hole Only
Skills: Crit Slash, Hurricane Slash, Jumping Slash
Respawn Time: Around 2hrs Real Time


Hp of 750+ is recommended if your going to tank him. Same as the EF tactic use elecs and just watch out for that crit slash.

Here's a party based strategy for hunting him early on, You must be at the SG ring for this to work or bring him there.
Have one character hit him and let him follow, now circle around the pavilion in the middle of the SG ring.
If he switches targets, just run around and so on.
He'll go down in a few hits. This is very possible at Lvl 47. So hunt early.

Ninja Knife

HP: ???
Location: SG Hole Only
Skills: Lightning Slash, Explosive Strike, Sunken Strike
Respawn Time: Around 2hrs Real Time


Just have an HP at around 800+ He's quick to dish out skills so watch out.
One thing to watch out is after he hits you with numerous strikes using Lightning Slash, he'll follow it up with Sunken Strike.
So pots ahead when he hits you with lightning strike, Same as always use an Electric element weapon to slow him down.
He's much harder to bring down than EF and Ds maybe because he's a dex based boss I guess.

Cruel Jupiter

HP: ???
Location: Practice Yard
Skills: Engulf, Chi Finger Blast
Respawn Time: 6hrs Real Time


I'd recommend a party of 4-5 Members. No electric/ice elements this time, because it'll destroy the Luring Pattern.

The most important part is using only Int Skills! So that CJ will not switch his target. Oh btw shockwave is the only int based attack that will make him change targets.

The best strategy to go by is having one person circle about while other members pelt him with int attacks.
Yes that's all there is to it. You could start hunting him with a party of lvl 47 characters it'll just take longer.

Now for the lurer here's the trick for keeping him off your tail.
Do you see those Circle Stone Slabs on the ground?
Use those four circles as points. That's the radius that you must be encircling to not get hit.
Do not run around in a big circle because CJ tends to catch up if he is not turning.
Hence that's why the radius should be small.

The dificulty is keeping those noobs away, for one they wouldn't know that int skills are the only skills that should be used, and you can't PK them so that's a bother. Have Fun.

He drops around 200k per kill, see he's the easiest boss to find, kill, rewarding if you do it right. ^__^

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