Wednesday, December 21, 2005

To you...

Where are you now going?
Are you leaving me again?
Of course I wish you would stay,
even for the night,
Have you not yet understood?
You are a ray of light in my darkness
which dispels my nightmare
as I awaken from my restless sleep
in my lonely erratic world,
You are my calm.
You are the structure to my wild imagination,
which does not know where the nightmare ends
and reality begins,
You are my right mind.
You are a gentle artist
who with a firm hand
knows how to put together the fragments of my ravaged soul
without breaking them again
In your hands they come together.
And I am a boy in love,
for whom you are the sunrise and sunset
the lunar light, the Sol in Solar System…
What more could I ask of life
than that I might be by your side
night and day?

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