Monday, August 15, 2005

Freaking Globe Telecom Management

Damn i still can't stop thinking about the meeting I attended last Friday. Apparently the agenda was about us taking the place of the 5 people who resigned at Netmos, but it ended up into a fucking that was going nowhere. To sum it up what came up was that he was asking us to just tell before hand if we will resign as well so he can at least prepare for replacements.....fuck you...

5 people resigned...5 including their immediate superior who just got promoted as manager...let's read between the lines...besides their job being in demand abroad which should be one of the factor of leaving another serves as a catalyst....GROWING UNREST.

Most if not all are complaning of the dumb commands being given by this fucking manager. He has been desperate trying to put most of the I.S. into shifting duty even if it would just clearly be a was of resource.

Our group is now in the spotlight not because of the great work we have done which has gone un-noticed but because ignorant people on top think that our group is "UNIMPORTANT". Word goes around that our group is being considered to be dissolved...imagine that OUR GROUP...NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION...what the is all this about?

It all started late 2001 when a handfull of managers and engineers launched a signature campaign to oust the present fucker on top....should I name him...nahh he knows who the fuck he is. People started to sign and with this operations was officially divided into the signees and the fucking boss' dogs. On the front line of this was our then manager...can you see the connection?

The meetings ended up in giving the fuck top guy a chance...which was to me was a bad compromise, for the next couple of years he has been creating his empire hiring people from outside who are either a "PAL" of his or someone he knew he can conrtrol and putting them into top positions, and then there came the re-organization this was where the put all his top dogs to report directly to him. Worst he was promoted to AVP....the fucking asshole now has all the power and control he wanted.

As of this writing the only group remaining who prominently joined the campaign to oust him is US and now we are facing a blank wall...we are the last of those who opposed him and now he can do what he was aching to do for the last 3 years.

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