Monday, August 15, 2005

Freaking Globe Telecom Management

Damn i still can't stop thinking about the meeting I attended last Friday. Apparently the agenda was about us taking the place of the 5 people who resigned at Netmos, but it ended up into a fucking that was going nowhere. To sum it up what came up was that he was asking us to just tell before hand if we will resign as well so he can at least prepare for replacements.....fuck you...

5 people resigned...5 including their immediate superior who just got promoted as manager...let's read between the lines...besides their job being in demand abroad which should be one of the factor of leaving another serves as a catalyst....GROWING UNREST.

Most if not all are complaning of the dumb commands being given by this fucking manager. He has been desperate trying to put most of the I.S. into shifting duty even if it would just clearly be a was of resource.

Our group is now in the spotlight not because of the great work we have done which has gone un-noticed but because ignorant people on top think that our group is "UNIMPORTANT". Word goes around that our group is being considered to be dissolved...imagine that OUR GROUP...NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION...what the is all this about?

It all started late 2001 when a handfull of managers and engineers launched a signature campaign to oust the present fucker on top....should I name him...nahh he knows who the fuck he is. People started to sign and with this operations was officially divided into the signees and the fucking boss' dogs. On the front line of this was our then manager...can you see the connection?

The meetings ended up in giving the fuck top guy a chance...which was to me was a bad compromise, for the next couple of years he has been creating his empire hiring people from outside who are either a "PAL" of his or someone he knew he can conrtrol and putting them into top positions, and then there came the re-organization this was where the put all his top dogs to report directly to him. Worst he was promoted to AVP....the fucking asshole now has all the power and control he wanted.

As of this writing the only group remaining who prominently joined the campaign to oust him is US and now we are facing a blank wall...we are the last of those who opposed him and now he can do what he was aching to do for the last 3 years.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Guide to Hypnotism

A Guide to Hypnotism


Hypnotism, contrary to common beleif, is merely state when your mind and body are In a state of relaxation and your mind is open to positive, or cleverly worded Negative, influences. It is not a trance where you: > are totally influencable. > cannot lie. > a sleep which you cannot wake up from without help. This may bring down your hope somewhat, but, hypnotism is a powerful for self help, And/or mischeif.

! Your subconcious mind !

before going in further, i'd like to state that hypnotism not only is great in the way That it relaxes you and gets you (in the long run) what you want, but also that it Taps a force of incredible power, beleive it or not, this power is your subconcious Mind. The subconcious mind always knows what is going on with every part of your Body,

Every moment of the day. It protects you from negative influences, and retains the Power to slow your heartbeat down and stuff like that. The subconcious mind holds Just about all the info you would like to know about yourself, or, in this case, the Person you will be hypnotising. There are many ways to talk to your subconcious And have it talk back to you. One way is the ouja board, no its not a spirit, merely the Minds of those who are using it. Another, which i will discuss here, is the pendulum Method. Ok, here is how it goes. First, get a ring or a washer and tie it to a thread a Little longer than half of your forearm. Now, take a sheet of paper and draw a big Circle in it. In the big circle you must now draw a crosshair (a big +). Now, put the Sheet of paper on a table. Next, hold the thread with the ring or washer on it and Place it (holding the thread so that the ring is 1 inch above the paper swinging) in the Middle of the crosshair. Now, swing the thread so the washer goes up and down, say To yourself the word "yes" now, do it side to side and say the word "no". Do it counter Clockwise and say "i don't know". And lastly, do it clockwise and say "i dont want to Say." Now, with the thread back in the middle of the crosshair, ask yourself questions And wait for the pendulum to swing in the direction for the answer. (yes, no, i dont Know or i dont wanna say...). Soon, to your amazement, it will be answering questions Like anything... Let the pendulum answer, dont try.. When you try you will never get An answer. Let the answer come to you.

! How to induce hypnotism !

Now that you know how to talk to your subconcious mind, i will now tell you how To guide someone into hypnosis. Note that i said guide, you can never, hynotise Someone, they must be willing. Ok, the subject must be lying or sitting in a Comfortable position, relaxed, and at a time when things arent going to be Interrupted. Tell them the following or something close to it, in a peaceful, Monotinous tone (not a commanding tone of voice)

Note: light a candle and place it somewhere where it can be easily seen.
Take a deep breath through your nose and hold it in for a count of 8. Now, through Your mouth, exhale completely and slowly. Continued breathing long, deep, breaths Through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Tense up all your muscles very Tight, now, counting from ten to one, release them slowly, you will find them very Relaxed. Now, look at the candle, as you look at it, with every breath and passing Momement, you are feeling increasingly more and more peaceful and relaxed. The Candles flame is peaceful and bright.

As you look at it i will count from 100 down, as a count, your eyes will become more And more relaxed, getting more and more tired with each passing moment." Now, count down from 100, about every 10 numbers say "when i reach xx your eyes (or You will find your eyes) are becoming more and more tired." Tell them they may close Their eyes whenever they feel like it. If the persons eyes are still open when you get to 50 then instead of saying

"your eyes will.."
Say "your eyes are...".

When their eyes are shut say the following. As you lie (or sit) here with your eyes Comfortably close you find yourself relaxing more and more with each moment and Breath.

The relaxation feels pleasant and blissful so, you happily give way to this wonderful Feeling. Imaginge yourself on a cloud, resting peacefully, with a slight breeze Caressing your body. A tingling sensasion begins to work its way, within and without Your toes, it slowly moves up your feet, making them warm, heavy and relaxed. The Cloud is soft and supports your body with its soft texture, the scene is peaceful and Absorbing, the peacefulness absorbs you completely...

The tingling gently and slowly moves up your legs, relaxing them. Making them warm And heavy. The relaxation feels very good, it feels so good to relax and let go. As the Tingling continues its journey up into your solar plexus, you feel your inner Stomach become very relaxed. Now, it moves slowly into your chest, making your Breathing relaxed as well. The feeling begins to move up your arms to your Shoulders, making your arms heavy and relaxed as well. You are aware of the total Relaxation you are now experiencing, and you give way to it. It is good and peaceful, The tingling now moveves into your face and head, relaxing your jaws, neck, and Facial muscles, making your cares and worries float away. Away into the blue sky as You rest blisfully on the cloud....

If they are not responsive or you think they (he or she..) Is going to sleep, then add in a "...always concentrating upon my voice, ingoring all other sounds. Even though Other sounds exsist, they aid you in your relaxation..." They should soon let out a Sigh as if they were letting go, and their face should have a "woodeness" to it, Becoming featurless... Now, say the following ".... You now find yourself in a hallway, The hallway is peaceful and nice. As i count from 10 to 1 you will imagine yourself Walking further and further down the hall. When i reach one you will find yourself Where you want to be, in another, higher state of concious and mind. (count from ten To one)....." Do this about three or four times. Then, to test if the subject is under Hypnosis or not, say....

" feel a strange sensation in your (arm they write with) arm, the
Feeling begins at your fingers and slowly moves up your arm, as it moves through Your arm your arm becomes lighter and lighter, it will soon be so light it will ..... Becoming lighter and lighter which each breath and moment..."

Their fingers should begin to twitch and then move up, the arm following, now my Friend, you have him/hep in hypnosis. The first time you do this, while he/she is under Say good things, like: "your going to feel great tomorrow" or "every day in every way You will find yourself becoming better and better".. Or some crap like that... The more They go under, the deeper in hypnosis they will get each time you do it.

! What to do when hypnotised !

When you have them under you must word things very carefully to get your way. You cannot simply say... Take off your clothes and fuck the pillow. No, that would Not really do the trick. You must say something like.... "you find your self at home, in Your room and you have to take a shower (vividly describe their room and whats Happening), you begin to take off your clothes..." Now, it cant be that simple, you must Know the persons house, room, and shower room. Then describe things vividly and Tell them to act it out (they have to be deeply under to do this...). I would just suggest That you experiment a while, and get to know ho; to do things.

! Waking up !

Waking up is very easy, just say.. " i count from 1 to 5 you will find yourself Becoming more and more awake, more and more lively. When you wake up you will Find yourself completely alive, awake, and refreshed. Mentally and physically, Remembering the pleasant sensation that hypnosis brings... Waking up feeling like a New born baby, reborn with life and vigor, feeling excellent. Remembering that next Time you enter hypnosis it will become an ever increasing deeper and deeper state Than before.

1- you feel energy course throughout your limbs. 2- you begin to breathe deeply, stirring. 3- begining to move more and more your eyes open, bringing you up to full concious. 4- you are up,up, up and awakening more and more. 5- you are awake and feeling great."

And thats it! You now know how to hypnotise yourself and someone else. You will Learn more and more as you experiment.

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anarchy essay

Anarchy: a pamphlet
By Errico Malatesta

Anarchy is a word that comes from the Greek, and signifies, strictly speaking, "without government": the state of a people without any constituted authority.

Before such an organization had begun to be considered possible and desirable by a whole class of thinkers, so as to be taken as the aim of a movement (which has now become one of the most important factors in modern social warfare), the word "anarchy" was used universally in the sense of disorder and confusion, and it is still adopted in that sense by the ignorant and by adversaries interested in distorting the truth.

We shall not enter into philological discussions, for the question is not philological but historical. The common interpretation of the word does not misconceive its true etymological signification, but is derived from it, owing to the prejudice that government must be a necessity of the organization of social life, and that consequently a society without government must be given up to disorder, and oscillate between the unbridled dominion of some and the blind vengeance of others.

The existence of this prejudice and its influence on the meaning that the public has given to the word is easily explained.

Man, like all living beings, adapts himself to the conditions in which he lives, and transmits by inheritance his acquired habits. Thus, being born and having lived in bondage, being the descendant of a long line of slaves, man, when he began to think, believed that slavery was an essential condition of life, and liberty seemed to him impossible. In like manner, the workman, forced for centuries to depend upon the goodwill of his employer for work, that is, for bread, and accustomed to see his own life at the disposal of those who possess the land and capital, has ended in believing that it is his master who gives him food, and asks ingenuously how it would be possible to live, if there were no master over him?

In the same way, a man whose limbs had been bound from birth, but who had neverless found out how to hobble about, might attribute to the very bands that bound him his ability to move, while, on the contrary, they would diminish and paralyze the muscular energy of his limbs.

If then we add to the natural effect of habit the education given to him by his master, the parson, the teacher, etc., who are all interested in teaching that the employer and the government are necessary, if we add the judge and the policeman to force those who think differently -- and might try to propagate their opinion -- to keep silence, we shall understand how the prejudice as to the utility and necessity of masters and governments has become established. Suppose a doctor brought forward a complete theory, with a thousand ably invented illustrations, to persuade the man with bound limbs that, if his limbs were freed, he could not walk, or even live. The man would defend his bands furiously and consider anyone his enemy who tried to tear them off.

Thus, if it is believed that government is necessary and that without government there must be disorder and confusion, it is natural and logical to suppose that anarchy, which signifies absence of government, must also mean absence of order.

Nor is this fact without parallel in the history of words. In those epochs and countries where people have considered government by one man (monarchy) necessary, the word "republic" (that is, the government of many) has been used precisely like "anarchy," to imply disorder and confusion. Traces of this meaning of the word are still to be found in the popular languages of almost all countries.

When this opinion is changed, and the public are convinced that government is not necessary, but extremely harmful, the word "anarchy," precisely because it signifies "without government," will become equal to saying "natural order, harmony of needs and interests of all, complete liberty with complete solidarity."

Therefore, those are wrong who say that anarchists have chosen their name badly, because it is erroneously understood by the masses and leads to a false interpretation. The error does not come from the word, but from the thing. The difficulty which anarchists meet in spreading their views does not depend upon the name they have given themselves, but upon the fact that their conceptions strike as all the inveterate prejudices which people have about the function of government, or "the state," as it is called.

Before proceeding further, it will be well to explain this last word (the "State") which, in our opinion, is the real cause of much misunderstanding.

Anarchists generally make use if the word "State" to mean all the collection of institutions, political, legislative, judicial, military, financial, etc., by means of which management of their own affairs, the guidance of their personal conduct, and the care of ensuring their own safety are taken from the people and confided to certain individuals, and these, whether by usurpation or delegation, are invested with the right to make laws over and for all, and to constrain the public to respect them, making use of the collective force of the community to this end.

In this case the word "State" means "government," or, if you like, it is the abstract expression of which government is the personification. Then such expressions as "Abolition of the State," or "Society without the State," agree perfectly with the conception which anarchists wish to express of the destruction of every political institution based on authority, and of the constitution of a free and equal society, based upon harmony of interests, and the voluntary contribution of all to the satisfaction of social needs.

However, the word "State" has many other meanings, and among these some that lend themselves to misconstruction, particularly when used among men whose sad social position has not afforded them leisure to become accustomed to the subtle distinction of scientific language, or, still worse, when adopted treacherously by adversaries, who are interested in confounding the sense, or do not wish to comprehend it. Thus the word "State" is often used to indicate any given society, or collection of human beings, united on a given territory and constituting what is called a "social unit," independently of the way in which the members of the said body are grouped, or of the relations existing between them. "State" is used also simply as a synonym for "society." Owning to these meanings of the word, our adversaries believe, or rather profess to believe, that anarchists wish to abolish every social relation and all collective work, and to reduce man to a condition of isolation, that is, to a state worse than savagery.

By "State" again is meant only the supreme administration of a country, the central power, as distinct from provincial or communal power, and therefore others think that anarchists wish merely for a territorial decentralization, leaving the principle of government intact, and thus confounding anarchy with cantonical or communal government.

Finally, "State" signifies "condition, mode of living, the order of social life," etc., and therefore we say, for example, that it is necessary to change the economic state of the working classes, or that the anarchical State is the only State founded on the principles of solidarity, and other similar phrases. So that if we say also in another sense that we wish to abolish the State, we may at once appear absurd or contradictory.

For these reasons, we believe that it would be better to use the expression "abolition of the State" as little as possible, and to substitute for it another, clearer, and more concrete --"abolition of government."


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Thursday, August 4, 2005



Been such a boring day so I decided to pay these sights a visit...I have had an account with these so called social networking pages for I will and I noticed how my friends lists have grown ( hehehe).

Looking at all those pretty faces...faces/people I would never be able to approach personally...even if i have my freaking life on the line ( what a big loser... =(... )

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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

First day of being 30

First day of being 30

never thought it would feel this strange, i've lived for a full 3 decades now and i have become everything but what i always dreaded to be. I'm starting to realize that i'am now officially a member of the "rat race".

Getting up everyday to work and going home afterward...the cycle seems endless. I long for the wild days....parties....drinks, back then everything seems to come easy, no hassles and almost no worries.

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Monday, August 1, 2005

ThE PhiLiPPiNeS iS.....

50. where the most happening places is not where the party is. Instead it's where the gang wars happen, where women strip and where the people overthrow a president.
49. where even doctors, lawyers and engineers are unemployed.
48. where everyone has his personal ghost story.
47. where mountains like Makiling and Banahaw are considered as holy places.
46. where everything can be forged.
45. where the school is considered the second home and the mall considered as third.
44. where Starbucks coffee is more expensive than gas.
43. where every street has a basketball court and every town only has one public school.
42. where all kinds of animals are edible.
41. where people speak all kinds of languages, and still call it Tagalog.
40. where students pay more money than they will earn afterwards.
39. where call center employees earn more money than teachers and nurses.
38. where driving 4kms can take as much as 4hours.
37. where flyovers bring you from the freeway to the side streets.
36. where the tourist spots is where Filipinos do not (or cannot) go.
35. where the personal computer is mainly used for games and Friendster.
34. where all 13 year olds are alcoholic.
33. where colonial mentality is dishonestly denied!
32. where 4am is not even considered bed time yet.
31. where people can pay to defy the law.30. where everything is spoofed.
29. where even the poverty-stricken get to wear Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger!
28. where honking of car horns is a way of life.
27. where being ! called a bum is never offensive.
26. where flood waters take up more than 90 percent of the streets during the rainy season.
25. where everyone has a relative abroad who keeps them alive.
24. where crossing the street involves running for your dear life.
23. where wearing your national colors make you "baduy".
22. where billiards is a sport, and darts is a bar game.
21. where even the poverty-stricken have the latest cell phones. (gsm-galing sa magnanakaw)20. where insurance does not work.
19. where water can only be classified as tap and dirty... clean water is for sale (35pesos/gallon).
18. where the church governs the people and where the government makes the people pray for miracles. (AMEN TO THAT!)
17. where University of the Philippines is where all the weird people go.Ateneo is where all the nerds go. La Salle is where all the Chinese go.College of Saint Benild! e is where all the stupid Chinese go, and Universityof Asia and the Pacific is where all the irrelevantly rich people go.
16. where fastfood is a diet meal.
15. where traffic signs are merely suggestions not regulations.
14. where all the trees in the city are below 6 ft.
13. where being held up is normal. It happens to everyone.
12. where kids dream of becoming pilots, doctors and basketball players.
11. where rodents is a normal house pet.
10. where the definition of traffic is the 'non-movement' of vehicles.
9. where the fighter planes of the 1940's are used for military engagements, and the new fighter planes are displayed in museums.
8. where Nora Aunor is an acclaimed actress and Boy Abunda is the best talk show host.
7. where cigarettes and alcohol are a necessity, and where the lottery is a commodity.
6. where soap operas tell the realities of life and where the news provides the drama.
5. where actors make the rules and where poli! ticians provide the entertainment. (kung gusto mo mapikon, watch the news)
4. where finding a deer on the road will be a phenomenon. (may deer dito? seryoso kayo?)
3. where people can get away with stealing trillions of pesos, but not for a thousand.
2. where being an hour late is still considered as punctual. (grabe talaga 'to!)
1. where everyone wants to leave the country! (ang saya-saya!)

Why be a plain pandesal when you can be ensaymada espesyal? :-)

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